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First lesson suggestion

Key takeaway: Use the first lesson as a general introduction to Ed, then move on to your own content. Give your users some easy stars and encourage them to have a go in the Star Bar.

While it is tempting to get your users straight into learning your content immediately after they have downloaded Ed, it can be useful to give them a primer lesson which covers how Ed works. The benefits of including this lesson are twofold:

  1. This is the first time users experience Ed. They may initially be more interested in experiencing this new tool rather than taking in what they are reading. Having the first lesson be about Ed rather than your content means that they get this out of their system while not missing anything important to you.

  2. It can act as an introduction and overview of the app, getting them settled in and reducing time spent on answering questions and administration.

In this lesson you should use a minimum of one or two interactive templates to get users introduced to the interactive learning format of Ed. At least one of the interactive templates should give the user some easy stars, so that they can try out the Star Bar (make sure to have your first draw set up!). Encouraging them to try out the Star Bar will also generate winners and garner interest in winning more stars in your content.

In this lesson you can also take the opportunity give an overview of the content you will be covering over the course of your Ed campaign. This lets your users know what’s ahead for them and prepares them for learning that content.