Fire Training Software

10 Fire Training Software

Fire training software are great tools to invest in to train firefighters on extinguishing fires and saving lives and properties. In this article, let’s look into some fire training software that you can use to educate your teams with firefighting know-how.

Fire Training Software #1 – EdApp

EdApp is an all-in-one learning solution that’s perfect as a fire training software. Its extensive course library contains fire training courses, such as Fire Safety and Fire Prevention, that you can edit and customize as you see fit. The Fire Safety course can be used by training managers who want to teach the fundamentals to their teams, such as how fires start, workplace safety, and fire extinguisher operations. On the other hand, the Fire Prevention course is specifically for preventing kitchen fire hazards in commercial settings.

Fire Training Software - EdApp

To assess if learners are able to perform tasks correctly, just use EdApp’s Practical Assessments to verify digital training. All you need to do is scan a team member’s QR code to access their digital checklist. Results can then be tracked on the admin portal. Additionally, grading can be done in real-time even through mobile devices which can be convenient for training managers.

Cost: Free

Key features:

  • Course library
  • Practical Assessments
  • Analytics

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Fire Training Software #2 – FAAC Commercial

FAAC Commercial is a fire training software that can simulate different scenarios, from driving fire trucks and operating pump engines to actual fighting fires. FAAC Commercial partners with fire departments and their training teams to make sure that training information is accurate and reliable. Through these simulators, scenarios can be created through virtual reality which allows trainees to perform tasks without risks in a safe and controlled environment.

Fire Training Software - FAAC Commercial

Cost: Available upon request

Key features:

  • Driving simulator
  • Pump operation simulator
  • Firefighting simulator

Fire Training Software #3 – Structurus

Structurus is another fire training software that provides specialized fire firefighting training, security, and rescue operations. Creating fire safety training environments is simple, just choose an environment and select virtual objects and interactive effects to put. You can even add custom models if you want to simulate a specific environment such as your workplace. It also has a wide range of training courses created for fire and rescue service professionals. Structurus also offers courses to fix a toxic work environment, which can be very beneficial to businesses. Lessons in these courses include tabletop exercises and fire simulators, that use virtual reality for a more immersive experience. 

Fire Training Software - Structurus

Cost: Get a quote

Key features:

  • Fire training environment creation
  • Training course library
  • Fire simulators

Fire Training Software #4 – Trainual

Trainual is a training platform that you can use as a fire training software. You can create playbooks that document your policies, processes, and standard operating procedures (SOP) here. It includes pre-built templates where you can add content such as images, videos, and quizzes if you don’t want to start from scratch. If there are urgent updates or changes to your policies, updates can be pushed immediately to your team’s devices so they won’t miss a beat.

Fire Training Software - Trainual

Cost: Starts at 99 USD/month

Key features:

  • 150+ pre-built templates
  • 30+ SOP templates
  • Push updates

Fire Training Software #5 – Rescue Hub

Rescue Hub is a complete fire training software for training, tracking, and managing employees. You can create online courses and add different file formats, such as PDF, PowerPoint, videos, and more on the platform. Quizzes can be also developed and attached to lessons to check if your learners understood the training. Additionally, you can include training requirements to comply with certain department policy, industry standard, or legislation.

Fire Training Software - Rescue Hub

Cost: Schedule a demo

Key features:

  • Online course creation
  • Quizzes
  • Training requirements

Fire Training Software #6 – SimsUshare

SimsUshare claims to be the leading fire simulation and training software. Its easy-to-use interface allows you to create personalized simulations and interactive walkthroughs with a few clicks of a button. Here, you can add your own images to simulate your response area and promote familiarity with your workers. There’s also a built-in checklist feature where you can document important SOPs that your teams can access and refer to when needed. To make sure your training material is secure, there’s cloud storage available on the platform but the limit depends on which plan you get.

Fire Training Software - SimsUshare

Cost: Starts at 49 USD/month

Key features:

  • Simulation creator
  • Checklist functionality
  • Cloud storage

Fire Training Software #7 – National Fire Protection Association

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is one of the educational platforms that’s also the leading provider of knowledge and resources about fire protection and safety. It has a course library offering NFPA® online training courses developed by industry experts who help write fire safety codes and standards. Customized learning paths can also be set up to help learners meet their professional goals. Digital badges are also given out to those who are able to complete the course as proof of their accomplishment. 

Fire Training Software - National Fire Protection Association

Cost: 175 USD/membership

Key features:

  • Course library
  • Digital badges
  • Learning paths

Fire Training Software #8 – Flaim

With Flaim’s VR learning solution, you’ll learn how to fight fires in virtual environments that are safe, realistic, and dynamic. Here, you can create immersive virtual environments and train your teams without the risks associated with fires. It has a library of over 40 realistic environments that mimic real-life behavior. Flaim has two programs: Flaim Trainer and Flaim Extinguisher. Flaim Trainer is targeted at firefighters while Flaim Extinguisher is ideal for initial responders and the general public. The Flaim system comes with a one-year full hardware warranty and software license and can be renewed and extended. Flaim’s VR learning solution can also help you train your teams for vocational training programs related to fires.

Fire Training Software - Flaim

Cost: Contact Flaim

Key features:

  • Fire simulation creator
  • Virtual environment library
  • Flaim Trainer and Flaim Extinguisher

Fire Training Software #9 – BIS Safety Software

BIS Safety Software is a learning management system that offers training content and features that will help with your fire training. It has over 1700 interactive safety courses that you can deliver to your teams with lessons containing videos, games, animations, and more. If you’re pressed for time to create courses, they also offer custom elearning course development. A unique feature they offer is the option to supervise exams and assess the integrity of course completions using the virtual proctoring feature which uses facial detection and recognition.

Fire Training Software - BIS Safety Software

Cost: Contact BIS Safety Software

Key features:

  • Course library
  • Custom elearning development
  • Virtual proctoring

Fire Training Software #10 – FiredUp

If you want to make sure that the training software you’ll use is up to standard, FiredUp is a great option. This tool was developed and made for and by firefighters with the goal of helping them pass their promotional exams. Here, practice tests can be found on procedural knowledge for learners to take. There’s also a dashboard to easily keep track of learning content and progress. FiredUp is mobile-friendly so learners can take their exams anywhere and anytime.

Fire Training Software - FiredUp

Cost: 39.99 USD

Key features:

  • Practice tests
  • Learner dashboard
  • Mobile-friendly