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8 Industries that Benefit Most from Gamification for Staff Learning

Gamification for staff learning offers a plethora of benefits to employees and their learning experience. The concept of incorporating gaming elements to serious training modules facilitates a positive learning environment for learners to exercise their skills and expertise in various areas.

Over time, enterprises have greatly benefited from gamification, working its way into a plethora of industries. Game rewards in a non-game setting boosts learner engagement and productivity, contributing to overall success of personal capability and enterprise success.

We outline various industries that are utilising gamification to meet key business objectives.

Employee Gamification Platform for Nonprofit

Building awareness of real-world problems can sometimes prove as difficult, especially when they are critical causes. Organisations, such as Movember, implement FUNdraising (ha, get it?) challenges in order to increase engagement amongst citizens, whilst offering major rewards. In the case of Movember, offering the award of International Man of Movember. Ask any moustache-grower, that’s more of an achievement than waiting three months for a truly-developed mo.

Employee Gamification Platform for Retail and E-Commerce

Countless consumer brands and e-commerce retailers use gamification on a daily basis to reach key company objectives. Successful gamification strategy is indicative by the extent to which employees are motivated. Instilling intrinsic motivation in retail and e-commerce employees can be achieved through implementing competitions and games amongst staff to introduce a sense of healthy competition.


Enter Duolingo, TEDEd and, most importantly, EdApp! These applications are quickly accessibile and range from basic levels to the highest levels of proficiency. So, in other words, if you have waited your whole life wanting to speak Italian, now is your time to shine. Schools and universities are also beginning to incorporate gamification in training programs in an effort to increase student engagement in crucial education modules.


Gamification offers a more seamless transition from onboarding to ongoing training for both new and old employees. The simplification of onboarding results in a more informed workplace, meaning company knowledge is retained and utilised in employees’ respective roles. Highly-informed and skilled employees results in increased sales and brand awareness, assisting in the achievement of company goals.


It has been proven that ‘fun’ directly and positively influences people’s behaviour. Seriously, ask anyone (if they say no, they’re fibbing). Rewarding and recognising employee performance is vital to the successful execution of tasks. How does it stem from design? Well, microlessons are designed to incorporate gaming elements. In other words, your employee training effectiveness is dependent on the capabilities of your authoring tool. Cue, EdApp’s authoring tool.

Health and Wellness

Companies have used gamification to make fitness fun, encouraging individuals to lead healthier lives. For instance, Nike+ trackers users’ movement and exercise, where it records results and goals. Users aim to improve their performance, whilst Nike aims to build a greater customer base and increase revenue. Games and challenges are a large aspect of Nike+, where users can connect with their friends in virtual competitions leading to further encouragement.

Human Resources

HR in various organisations tap into gamification in the process of recruitment and motivation of employees. In the completion of employee training, learners are able to earn badges and rewards on the platform, competing against colleagues.


To engage a plethora of audience demographics, political campaigns are incorporating gamification in their process. During the lead up to the 2012 US presidential election, Barack Obama’s political campaign included a contest where donators on the campaign website go into the draw to win a dinner with Obama and the First Lady.


Want to know more about gamification for effective company training?

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