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eLearning software comparison: Which features are important?

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The difficulties that appear when choosing eLearning software can seem impenetrable and even Learning & Development professionals can struggle. It’s not helped that the industry which uses the software is fragmented into many subsets which can operate independently of each other… sometimes. But things don’t need to be so complicated in 2019. Here are the important features that you need to know about in an eLearning software comparison.

The most important features of an eLearning software comparison

1. Authoring tool

This is the software that’s used to create eLearning courseware. It’s traditionally used by specialist training companies who use it to create courses that are then distributed to multiple client subscribers. It’s often only partially relevant and becomes outdated quickly. When you read modern eLearning software comparisons look for options with integrated authoring tools that allow you to create or add content yourself. With mobile learning being so popular and effective, be sure that it can create dedicated mobile-focused lessons and not just lessons that work (clunkily) on a mobile device. This is integral to any eLearning software comparison.

Elearning Software - EdApp Authoring Tool"

2. Mobile LMS

Once courseware has been authored, it gets distributed via a learning management system which records learners’ performance. It’s another core ingredient of any eLearning software comparison and options can be incredibly expensive. However, it doesn’t need to be this way with mobile-focused LMSs tending to be much simpler to use and operate. They distribute learning via the cloud to learners’ own mobile devices.

eLearning software comparison apples to apples
eLearning software comparisons are comparing apples to apples.

3. Gamification

Learning is at its most effective when it doesn’t feel like learning. Turning knowledge transfer into a game makes for effective training and a greater likelihood of information passing into long-term memory. The ability to reward good performance with real-world prizing means it should be in any worthy eLearning software comparison.

learning management system comparison - Gamification

4. Microlearning

Taking the training world by storm, microlearning is the practice of breaking lessons down into easily-digestible, bite-sized chunks. Doing so doesn’t overwhelm learners with superfluous information and ensures that the core message is retained. It might be the most important feature in any eLearning software comparison.

Microlearning with an e learning application

5. Spaced Repetition

Spaced Repetition is a highly effective form of embedding knowledge. By revising lessons at increasing intervals, the forgetting curve is negated and key information is retained. With a basic LMS, the lesson is simply repeated. However, check for feature differences in an eLearning software comparison because more-refined software remembers which answers a learner got right and intelligently pushes content that learners struggled with over a scientific spaced repetition schedule.

Spaced Repetition with our online learning software

If you’d like to know more about how EdApp can help your internal training practices with all of the above features, get in touch at enquiries@edapp.com. You can also use EdApp’s free learning management software by signing up here.