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Elearning Authoring tools comparison

There are many eLearning authoring tools on the market and they come with a bewildering choice of LMS features, price tags and complexities. The most expensive option is rarely the best and online comparisons get confusing quickly. Whatever your requirements, make sure that the following features are part of a proper elearning authoring tools comparison.

7 things to look for when comparing eLearning authoring tools

1) Authoring Tools Comparison – Integrated LMS

Investing in a separate authoring tools and learning management system software won’t bother multinational companies who can easily absorb the expense. However, what does make a difference to organizations of all sizes, is managing and running those different systems. Both authoring and LMS software have the potential to be incredibly complex – thereby requiring specialist operators, developers and managers for each. Employing such people can be an enormous headache for HR people who are already tasked with delivering the training software and the training!

However, it doesn’t need to be so difficult. Even if your organisation already has a sizeable investment in existing course authoring systems, adding a lightweight, mobile authoring LMS allows you to quickly and easily create microlearning courses using templates – you just upload the questions and answers. The result is effective, easy-to-produce (and update) microlessons that can be distributed to learners, globally, via the cloud.

Authoring Tool Comparison - EdApp Integrated LMS

2) Authoring Tools Comparison – Cloud Based Translation

Many will remember when Google Translate was a novel tool that could translate individual words and basic phrases. Many will also be unaware that Google’s cloud translation technology is now A.I.-based and dramatically more powerful. As such it can enhance eLearning courseware tools and save organisations time and money through automating translation for global, multi-lingual user-bases.

3) Authoring Tools Comparison – Templates

Why hire specialist authors and train them when you can simply create your own course by uploading knowledge, questions and answers to ready-made interactive templates? This way anyone can create lessons on how to perform simple or basic tasks.

Elearning authoring tools - An EdApp Template

4) Peer Learning

Co-workers can make excellent and effective teachers. Colleagues will engage with them better (as well as the content and context) as they can identify with them and relate to everything. When comparing SCORM authoring tools, check for built-in Peer Learning features.

comparing elearning authoring tools
Comparing things sometimes takes an expert eye.

5) Microlearning

Breaking learning material into bite-sized microlessons is incredibly effective for training: learners can learn about a topic in minutes and it has a much better chance of sticking. It’s one of the most important features of any eLearning authoring tool so look for microlearning when comparing features.

6) Gamification

When learners are enjoying themselves, they won’t even notice that they’re learning. By gamifying your learning content (and potentially making it competitive or adding prizes) it becomes highly effective. Read more about gamification, here.

7) Mobile learning

Distributing content to mobile devices makes sense as learners all have smartphones and they happily engage with them more than their work-based computers. They can access lessons wherever they are in the world, learn at their own convenience and their own pace and you can notify them of new courses and prizes and deadlines using push notifications. However, when making your eLearning authoring tool comparison, be sure that the resulting courseware isn’t simply compatible with mobile – if it’s fiddly and annoying to use, learners won’t engage with it. Ensure that lessons are designed to work on mobile as a priority. That way they can access learning like it’s a smartphone game.

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