Cybersecurity Training Tools

10 Cybersecurity Training Tools

Protecting your company’s digital assets and information is becoming increasingly important as employees do their work on laptops that they can take out of the office at any time. In this article, you will find different cybersecurity training tools that can help educate your teams on how to avoid, detect, and respond to cyber risks. 

Cybersecurity Training Tool #1 – EdApp

It can sometimes be a hassle to roll out compliance training on topics like cyber security, but EdApp makes it easier for you. As an award-winning blended training solution, EdApp can easily serve as a cybersecurity training tool. The company training software has a course library with over 1000 interactive and engaging training courses that you can deliver automatically to employees in minutes.

Cybersecurity Training Tools - EdApp

There are a number of cybersecurity training courses in this library: Cyber Security, Cyber Security Awareness, and Cybersecurity and Internal Threats. All three courses will give your teams an overview of cybersecurity, information-security, ways how to identify cyber security threats, malware, and cyber-attacks, and practical tips to further prevent risk. These courses are presented in short-form lessons that learners can complete in minutes. They also come with quizzes to help increase information retention. 

If you enroll your employees in these courses, then you’ll also have access to analytics dashboards and actionable reports. Take instant action with your data and easily get your learners to re-engage with their courses through push notifications. With this, you can remove the hassles of chasing after employees and get higher course completion rates. They also give completion certifications at  the end of the course.

Cost: Free


  • Blended training
  • Course library
  • Cybersecurity courses and quizzes
  • Analytics and actionable Reports
  • Notifications

Join EdApp for free and begin using this cybersecurity training tool today.

Cybersecurity Training Tool #2 – ESET

ESET provides various internet security tools that can protect your emails, keep you safe from phishing attacks, and stop hackers from accessing your company’s computers. When it comes to training, they do offer both free and paid training sessions. Their training goal is to make your employees more aware of cybersecurity and give them tips on how to recognize threats, breach, and how to stay safe. 

Cybersecurity Training Tool - ESET

In their user-friendly cybersecurity training, your employees will learn more about what to look for, what to avoid, and what to do concerning email, social engineering, passwords, and more. This cybersecurity training tool also includes a phishing simulator, progress dashboards, email reminders, and interactive elements. 

Cost: Free and paid plans


  • Cybersecurity awareness training 
  • Phishing simulator
  • Progress dashboards
  • Email reminders
  • Interactive elements

Cybersecurity Training Tool #3 – Hook Security

If you need a complete toolkit to create a cybersecurity-aware culture in your workplace, then Hook Security could be the one for you. You can give your employees unique, personalized training experiences that are entertaining and memorable. Protect yourself and personal information from malicious activities and vulnerabilities with the built-in phishing simulator. You can send simulated emails to your employees, provide instant feedback to those who click on them, and track their training progress over time. 

Cybersecurity Training Tool - Hook Security

If employees fail their phishing tests, then you can automatically enroll them in training courses. You will have access to a full catalog of videos and courses that you can send to them to take at any time. Hook Security also has its own learning management system (LMS) so you can provide your training and manage your employees on one platform. But if you’re already using an LMS, Hook Security’s courses can work on your system as long as it’s SCORM-compliant. 

Cost: Paid plans 


  • Phishing simulator
  • Feedback and progress tracker
  • Course and video catalog
  • Learning management system
  • SCORM-compliant

Cybersecurity Training Tool #4 – Phised

Gain full authority on your company’s cybersecurity education with Phised. This adaptive learning platform comes with automated phishing simulations and pre-set learning paths to remove the hassle of security awareness training. Phised has an extensive content database with interactive courses that can be edited to fit your company’s branding. 

Cybersecurity Training Tool - Phised

Measure and track training progress and take action with reporting modules based on the data collected. You have the ability to offer extra training when needed or preferred by your learners. You can also schedule this training according to your employees’ preferred times. 

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  • Automated phishing simulations
  • Content database
  • Measurement and tracking 
  • Scheduling 

Cybersecurity Training Tool #5 – SafeTitan

SafeTitan offers cybersecurity awareness training with its number of cybersecurity training tools. They boast of behavior-driven training, fully automated simulated phishing attacks, SCORM-compliant training, and an extensive library of courses, videos, and quizzes. These learning contents are short and efficient and made to be enjoyed with their interactive training features. 

Cybersecurity Training Tool - SafeTitan

Analytic reports are available for easy and digestible training management. SafeTitan also has integrations for other Microsoft solutions, such as Outlook, Teams, 365, and more. As a bonus, SafeTitan also offers protection from advanced security threats like phishing, ransomware attacks, spoofing, unauthorized access, and CEO impersonations. With SafeTitan, you can deliver training and protect your company’s digital systems all in one platform. 

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  • Behavior-driven training
  • Automated simulated phishing attacks
  • Content library
  • Integrations
  • Built-in protection from cyberattacks

Cybersecurity Training Tool #6 – Proofpoint

If you’re looking for a targeted, data-driven approach to make your employees resilient to cyberattacks and cybercrime, then Proofpoint is the solution for you. Your employees will be trained how to proetct the company’s data under a holistic approach to cyber security awareness and education and a proven framework that drives behavior change. With this tool, they’ll receive bite-sized training that gives them more time to be productive with their work. Proofpoint also offers hazard communication training courses to ensure that your employees are aware of the dangers of cybercrime and how to protect the company’s data.

Cybersecurity Training Tool - Proofpoint

With its phishing and USB simulations based on real-world threats, knowledge assessments, and reports, you’ll be able to assess the progress of your learners’ training. Proofpoint also offers an email security solution that gives your security professionals and employees contextual nudges and alerts them about suspicious emails. And with its real-time reporting, you’ll have high visibility of your most vulnerable employees. 

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  • Holistic approach and frameworks
  • Phishing and USB simulations
  • Knowledge assessments
  • Reports
  • Email security solution

Cybersecurity Training Tool #7 – KnowBe4

KnowBe4 is the world’s largest integrated solution for security awareness training. Combined with simulated tests on phishing attacks, training content library, and results dashboard, you can rest at ease knowing your teams will receive high-quality training on this platform. KnowBe4 offers AI-recommended training, giving admin users training suggestions based on employees’ phishing test results and allowing for personalized training experiences. 

Cybersecurity Training Tool - KnowBe4

All training content on this cybersecurity training resource is brandable and  is optimized for mobile devices. You can also localize the training interface and training programs as KnowBe4 has translated content for global teams. Additionally, you don’t need to struggle with compliance training anymore as you can automate enrollment and remind learners with follow-up emails. 

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  • Simulated phishing attacks
  • Content library and translated training content
  • Mobile-friendly
  • AI-recommended training
  • Automated enrollment

Cybersecurity Training Tool #8 – IRONSCALES

Train your employees to protect their personal data and company information with IRONSCALES. As a cloud-based, anti-phishing platform, IRONSCALES works to provide businesses with a complete training program for enterprise email security. Their integrated security awareness training and phishing simulation testing modules make up the bulk of the awareness training program. 

Cybersecurity Training Tool - IRONSCALES

IRONSCALES has more than 100 different training videos to help employees identify phishing emails and improve overall cybersecurity awareness. These videos are available in nine different languages and are fast and easy to digest. With user management, you can personalize individual and group training. You can also streamline your training process then track engagement and results and generate detailed reports easily with different stats and graphs. 

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  • Integrated training and phishing simulations
  • Video training
  • User management 
  • Analytics and reports

Cybersecurity Training Tool #9 – Infosec

Infosec aims to upskill and certify your employees with its on-demand courses and hands-on labs. You can enroll them into a boot camp for live, instructor-led training. Your employees will have unlimited access to 1,400+ courses, 190+ pre-built learning paths, and a number of performance metrics. Assess their knowledge, maximize engagement, and help train your teams in the best way possible with all of Infosec’s flexible training options. 

Cybersecurity Training Tools - Infosec

Infosec will guide your learners as they go through realistic scenarios inside operating environments they’d run into on the job. They will learn common line basics to advance adversarial techniques. Similarly, they’ll discover how to write secure code and defend cloud-based applications. You can integrate leaner data to your existing LMS as well with Infosec’s API. 

Cost: Starts at 299 USD per year


  • On-demand courses
  • Live boot camps
  • Realistic training scenarios
  • API integration

Cybersecurity Training Tool #10 – Cofense

The last cybersecurity training tool on this list is Cofense. Powered by crowdsourced intelligence and machine learning, you can provide more than just awareness training to your employees. Their phishing simulator allows your employees to immerse themselves in these types of cyber risks and attacks in a controlled environment. Trust that your employees are receiving high-quality scenario training with Cofense’s award-winning behavior-conditioning software. 

Cybersecurity Training Tool - Cofense

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  • Phishing simulator
  • Crowdsourced intelligence and machine learning