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Custom lesson branding

Key Takeaway: You can individually customise your lesson’s appearance within a course using the branding feature on a lesson dashboard.

To deliver custom branding of all your lessons within a course, Ed allows you to upload custom background and logos on the course’s dashboard, as detailed in this previous Ed Academy article.

However, to allow greater control to those instructional designers who want to tweak the look of their content on a per-lesson level, we have also enabled the ability to customise branding on a lesson’s dashboard.

How it works

On a lesson dashboard, go to the branding tab (the first in the list, under the lesson description). Click to open. From here, uncheck the “Use Course Branding” field.

lesson branding tab

This will open the custom branding area for this lesson, allowing you to change the background image, logo, colour scheme, and advanced users even apply specific custom CSS to the lesson.

lesson branding options

Using custom branding

Instructional designers who are particularly focused on the look and feel of their courses have applied custom branding on changes in topic within their courses (e.g. educating on a new brand, or training a different set of skills).

Another use of custom branding is to use changes in lesson theme to denote that scoring is active. A specific “scoring” styled background lets learners know that they are taking part in an important lesson, and need to bring their top game when answering interactive questions.

scoring branding

Left: A lesson without scoring applied. Right: Custom branding used to denote a scored lesson.

How do you use custom branding? Let us know on hello@edapp.com.