Conflict Resolution Skills Training

Conflict Resolution Skills Training

Conflict is inevitable, especially in an environment where people spend a lot of time working together. It’s human nature to have varying perspectives, beliefs, and priorities, plus we have different character traits that may or may not appeal to some organizations. Yes, you can avoid it, but you can never escape it. Unresolved conflicts will only store up frustrations, creating additional stress to cope with.  

Dealing with conflicts isn’t an easy task. But if managed well, it will open up growth opportunities and even flourish stronger relationships between team members. Fortunately, the ability to address workplace conflict can be learned and mastered over time, as long as you have the right and reliable training on the side.

In this article, we’ll dive into the concept of conflict resolution skills, the importance of conflict resolution training in your organization, as well as some techniques and strategies that can help you bring back harmony in your team. We will also look into different methods that you can use when deploying your training program. 

Conflict Resolution Skills: Definition and Examples

Conflict Resolution Skills Definition and Examples

Conflict resolution skills are the abilities you use to identify and address workplace disputes positively and responsibly. Today, many employers prioritize professionals who are completely capable of handling workplace conflicts, mainly since they are very much frequent in the business world. 

Those who are equipped with solid conflict resolution skills are usually able to:

  • Control emotions under extreme stress
  • Actively listen and pay attention to others
  • Manage conflicts while staying calm and patient
  • Focus on the problem and not on the person involved
  • Initiate open communication 
  • Remain professional and respectful at all time

Unfortunately, these skills don’t come easily to others. But don’t lose hope just yet! The best thing about conflict resolution is that it can be learned over time. 

What are the advantages of conflict resolution skills training?

Indeed, conflict resolution skills training is increasingly becoming a necessity for team leaders and managers. But if you also consider spreading the skills to the rest of your team, it will bring a significant difference to your organization. 

Foremost, it fosters healthier team culture. Employees who are trained well at dealing with conflicts are more likely to work well with others – they know exactly how to break down walls hindering cooperation and collaboration. Whenever they encounter a team or group of people with different opinions and ideas, they can turn it into an opportunity to learn new skills and knowledge, further boosting their performance efficiency and productivity.

Conflict Resolution Skills Training Advantages

It also nurtures a more creative problem-solving mindset. There will always be peace and solution to every difficult situation. If your employees know that they can overcome whatever difficulties they may encounter, they will more likely stay in your organization, reducing employee turnover. Let the word go out, and it will also attract top talents to enter your team. 

Conflict resolution techniques to include in your employee training

Conflict Resolution Skills Training Techniques

There are so many different ways to effectively resolve a conflict. First thing first, gather all the parties involved as soon as you encounter any disputes or disagreements. As the saying goes, put out the fire before it spreads. A conflict will only escalate if not resolved early on, and it may affect the performance of the workforce and disrupt teamwork. 

Another effective technique is to listen actively. Make sure to stay silent while allowing the other parties to explain their sides. This way, you’ll learn more about the nature and complexity of the issue. Once you’ve drawn your conclusion, communicate your side clearly while using neutral terms and respecting personal differences. (Read our article about Courses to Improve Your Communication Skills in the Workplace)

It is also beneficial to remind them of the power of teamwork. Find common ground that both of the parties will agree to compromise. 

Conflict Resolution Skills Training Methods

There’s no one-size-fits-all training solution. But to save you some time researching, we’ve also compiled some of the best methods you can use when implementing your conflict resolution skills training. 

1. Online Training

Also known as eLearning, online training is regarded as the most effective alternative to traditional instructor-led training. Here, you can develop online training courses and deliver them anytime needed. It eliminates the cost and hassles of organizing face-to-face training or conferences while maintaining high-quality learning.

Several training LMS tools can support your online training. There is EdApp LMS, which allows training managers to create lessons using their interactive templates for free. If you’re short on resources, you can also make the most of their ready-made courses, which you can edit, rebrand, and deploy without additional costs. Some lessons you can include in your conflict skills training include Effective Communication and Getting Your Voice Heard.

Conflict Resolution Skills Training Method - Online Training EdApp

Other top-performing LMS tools to consider include Tovuti, Code of Talent, and 360Learning. 

Sign up for free today to try EdApp’s powerful features!

2. Scenario Training

It is also a good idea to include real-world scenarios in your training. Present some of the most common workplace conflicts that will most likely encounter through VR environments and role-play activities, and then let them see the impact of their actions. As they progress through the scenario training, you can walk them through some strategies to improve their conflict resolution skills. 

3. Gamified Training

Don’t underestimate the advantages of infusing games in your employee training. It makes learning fun and interactive, motivating a team to participate in your training initiative actively. In fact, according to a study referenced by the world’s foremost expert in the world of gamification, Gabe Zichermann, employees retain more knowledge with gamified learning. If you want to enhance the excitement and generate commitment from your employees, you can also add game elements like points, leaderboards, and real employee rewards, like a free coffee voucher or a big-time out-of-town paid trip. 

Conflict Resolution Skills Training Method - EdApp Gamification

Power up your conflict resolution skills training with the help of EdApp! Apart from its editable course library, you can also take advantage of its advanced tools and features like Spaced Repetition, PowerPoint Conversion, Rapid Refresh, and Quiz-Maker to yield better learning results. Book a demo with us today to learn more. 

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