complaint handling course

Complaint handling course

In this free complaint handling course, you’ll learn how to turn negative customer complaints into a positive customer experience. Let’s discover why customers complain and the types of customer complaints you’ll encounter. You can access this course by downloading EdApp Small Team Edition by clicking here or on the App Store logo. You can also swipe through it below.
Complaint Handling

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What’s in the complaint handling course?

A great way to understand customer complaints is to do a little self-reflection. Think about your own experience as a customer. Have you ever had a bad experience? Have you ever made a complaint or really wanted to? What is it about a negative customer experience that makes us feel this way?
The answer lies in our expectations! When we don’t have an experience that meets our expectations, we feel dissatisfied and upset. After all, that’s not how it was supposed to be, right? That failure to meet expectations is what drives the customer complaint.

As a customer, we have expectations that are set in our minds based on norms, advertising and marketing. When what we experience doesn’t match with this expectation, we can feel a range of negative emotions.
This complaint handling course describes several scenarios and asks where conflicts might arise. The interactive lesson allows you to choose the appropriate response and, whether you get the answer right or wrong, you’ll end up better equipped to deal with potential customer anger.

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