Cloud Based LMS

10 Reasons to use a cloud based LMS


Having a Learning Management System (LMS) is an essential part of implementing eLearning in organizations today.

For those who do not know what a corporate LMS is, it is an online location, like an app, which can only be accessed by people who have a log-in, like administrators and employees/learners. It helps organizations manage administration, tracking, reporting & the delivery of courses, lessons, and tests. In modern times, it is impossible to think of implementing eLearning in your organization without an LMS. In fact, with developments in eLearning technology, LMS’s these days are cloud-based as they offer a number of advantages. Let’s look at the 10 best reasons to have a cloud-based LMS:

1. It Doesn’t Require Installation

A cloud-based LMS does not require you to install specific hardware or software in order to use it. It can be logged in directly by administrators as well as employees/learners. This means that organizations do not need to waste valuable resources on installation. The LMS provider will automatically update the system to integrate new features and transform it into being multi-browser friendly.

EdApp Cloud Based LMS

2. It Is Cost-Efficient

A cloud-based LMS is more cost-efficient than a software-based LMS. A cloud-based LMS enables organizations to choose and use what features they want for their eLearning program. Most LMS providers also provide a free trial, so that you can experience it before fully investing.

3. It Can Accommodate A Huge Number Of Learners

One of the best things about a cloud-based LMS is that it can accommodate any number of learners, whether your organization is a small one with a handful of employees or a large one with hundreds of them. It can even accommodate a growing number of learners.

4. It Allows Mobile Access

Mobile learning is all the rage right now and is here to stay. Learners prefer accessing eLearning courses on their smartphones and a cloud-based LMS allows learners to access their courses using a variety of mobile devices, like smartphones, tablets as well as laptops. When learners can develop their skills when it is most convenient for them, learning is improved.

Mobile Access for your cloud based LMS

5. It Is Great For Microlearning

Microlearning is another eLearning strategy that is not going anywhere, along with mobile learning. In fact, microlearning and mobile learning complement each other, whereby one cannot function effectively without the other. Add a cloud-based LMS, and you have got the ability to train learners just-in-time and on-demand, within a matter of seconds.

EdApp Microlearning - Cloud Based LMS

6. Allows For Easy Collaboration

Modern cloud-based LMS’s allow learners to talk to each other via chat, which allows for easy collaboration. This does not only support social learning and promote a learning culture for the organization but can also be used to provide teamwork-based courses to your employees.

EdApp Cloud Based LMS - Discussion Feature

7. A Cloud-Based LMS Keeps Your Data Safe

With a cloud-based LMS, all of your data is hosted on a cloud that is reliable and secure, in addition to the LMS having built-in security features itself. Local servers on which software-based LMS’s host data may lose data due to malfunction or damage, however a cloud-based LMS cannot. This means that all of your eLearning data, including training and development materials, certificates, curriculum, tests, assessments and report data are perfectly safe.

8. It Automates Your eLearning Program

A cloud-based LMS essentially automates your whole learning program, including course delivery, registration, assignments, course completions, and much more. At the same time, it is fully customizable and administrators can make changes to courses or any other preferences anytime.

EdApp Cloud Based LMS - Elearning Automation

9. Saves Space

Because everything is hosted on the cloud, cloud-based LMS’s take up almost no space in any computer or device. Thus, information can share gigabytes of data without worrying about file size or drive space.

10. Allows Personalized Training

Finally, personalized training is another eLearning strategy that is going to increasingly grow and flourish in the future. Cloud-based LMS’s allow learners to create their own personal development plans, and thus, choose their own learning paths. When learners learn according to their own interests, needs, and skills, learning is learner-centric and of better quality.

Technology is changing our world at an astonishing rate and remaining in denial of the latest technology is the surest way to fail. Organizations should embrace new technology and enable it to provide them with a competitive advantage above their competition. In summary, implementing a cloud-based LMS is essential to enhance your eLearning program!

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