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Brilliant Branding in 3 Simple Steps

Brilliant Branding in 3 Simple Steps

Creating effective branding for your Ed lessons doesn’t need to be a daunting task. Put simply, the goal of lesson branding is to improve learning outcomes by creating a more beautiful experience. Our goal at Ed is to make learning a delight. By inspiring learners, they are more likely to engage with the content. This in turn increases comprehension and improves recall. It’s also a great opportunity to reinforce positive brand associations within a learning environment. So when you’re ready to apply branding to your content, follow these three simple steps and your lessons will be looking better than ever.

Brilliant Branding in 3 Simple Steps

The branding dashboard can be found on the course & lesson pages

Brilliant Branding in 3 Simple Steps

Your logo will be visible on almost every slide, and it’s a great opportunity to build brand recognition into your lesson.

Choose a square image that’s about 80 × 80px. It will need to be legible at small sizes and on top of your lesson background. Ideally, it should be a single colour format (the same colour as your lesson text.)

The best logos are quickly associated with your brand. By offering instant recognition, you add weight and authority to your content. Learners will be confident that they are seeing the definitive source of truth on the lesson’s subject.

It can be tempting to use another image in place of the lesson logo, but this isn’t recommended. Unless the image adds meaning to the content and meets the criteria of legibility and recognition, it can simply act as a distraction.

Brilliant Branding in 3 Simple Steps

Step 2 – Choose a background

Choosing a background for your lesson is harder than you would think. There are several things to keep in mind.

In Ed, content is king – so your background should stay in the background. Keep the colours subdued and the contrast low. That way, the text in your lesson remains clear and easy to read.

Too many colours in your background will clash with your content, while too much detail will give your learners motion sickness as they progress through the lesson.

So what sort of images work well as the lesson background? Photography that includes product or lifestyle imagery is a perfect candidate. Any artwork that’s associated with a specific, relevant campaign can also work well. Abstract patterns may be a good fit provided they don’t offer too much contrast. Simple gradients or flat colours can also work if they help to link back to your overall brand.

Brilliant Branding in 3 Simple Steps

Step 3 – Choose your colour scheme

The colour scheme is the final touch in a good-looking lesson. You can choose an easy scheme in the dropdown, but if you want to make sure your colours are really on brand, choose a background image or use custom CSS to set a specific colour.

If your background image is transparent, learners will see the background colour underneath. The best choice for text that’s easy to read is white or black.

Here is an example of how to override the colour scheme with Custom CSS. This targets the lesson container, setting the background and text colour. We use the important flag to give precedence to this rule over the colour scheme selection.

/* This CSS will override the color scheme you have selected. */
#slides-view {
  background: white !important;
  color: black !important;

So that’s it. Now you have the basics to create beautiful lessons that will keep your learners coming back everyday!