Best Microlearning Tools

Best Microlearning Tools

Microlearning is a potent digital learning methodology that is being used by organizations hailing from various industries all around the world to train their employees to increase productivity and growth.

Some of the reasons microlearning is so popular among learning and development (L&D) professionals are the fact that it can be designed, developed and deployed in no time, and is accessible to employees/learners in the organization on their smartphones. But, in order to make sure that L&D professionals create effective, high-quality microlearning that fulfils all learning objectives is to make sure you get the right authoring tool. In fact, not choosing the right authoring tool for microlearning design is what leads to failed microlearning programs in a number of organizations, who then blame the methodology instead of their own faults in implementing it incorrectly for the failure.

In this article, let us have a look at what constitutes a good microlearning authoring tool, so that organizations can pick the right one for their microlearning design and development needs.

1. A Great Video Creation Tool

A lot of microlearning these days is video-based, owing to the fact that it is the most preferred content format for modern learners, in addition to being more persuasive than other content types, and being able to address a wide-variety of dominant learning styles like auditory, visual and kinesthetic. Thus, when choosing a microlearning authoring tool, make sure it offers a good video creation tool, as well as features which allow editing and/or creating animations in the authoring tool itself, in addition to importing videos in other formats into the authoring tool.

2. Features That Allow The Creation Of Various Types Of Microlearning

Microlearning can be of various types, and although as mentioned above, video-based learning is a popular format used in microlearning modules, it is not the only popular microlearning format. Organizations need an authoring tool that allows them to create microlearning podcasts for learners to listen to if they’re driving home from and to work, gamified microlearning modules they can play if they’re commuting to work in a metro, as well as task simulations with branching scenarios they can attempt when they’re sitting at home or during breaks at work. Look for an authoring tool that lets you create content in different formats, as learners love diversity in content formats.

3. An Online Library

As mentioned before, microlearning is being preferred by digital learning creators and designers because it allows them to create learning and training modules for learners in a lot less time than traditional eLearning programs. But, in order to do that, the authoring tool that the designers use must have a built-in online library consisting of a number of themes, templates, interactivities and characters which they can use to quickly create a microlearning module in no time. Thus, before buying an authoring tool, make sure that it comes with an online library with loads of presets.

4. Make Sure It Is A Rapid Authoring Tool

On the subject of presets, there are already a number of rapid authoring tools in the market that are just perfect for creating microlearning modules. Because a microlearning program requires that a number of microlearning modules be provided to learners on a daily basis, designers need to able to design microlearning modules within minutes. As mentioned before, in order to do that they need lots and lots of presets. Rapid authoring tools have integrated assets, serious game templates, royalty free background music as well as a number of other resources which make day-to-day design and development of microlearning modules easy. When buying a rapid authoring tool, make sure to buy a cloud-based one to ensure that designers can create, edit and update modules on their smartphones too.

5. Free Trial And Support

To see to the fact that you don’t accidentally buy an authoring tool that doesn’t fulfil all of your expectations and regret about it later, make sure you only consider free elearning authoring tools. Once you’re satisfied that the tool has got everything you need, make sure that it offers online as well as phone support. Believe us, you’re going to need it at one time or another.

Always choose an authoring tool that gives you the best features at the best value. Don’t try to skimp in order to save money, but try to get all the relevant features at a worthy investment.