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Best LMS features – prizes and analytics

Ed Microlearning is an award-winning microlearning platform. You might be familiar with Ed’s authoring tool and intuitively designed template gallery, but are you familiar with these other best LMS features?

Best LMS features: Prizing

Ed includes built-in prizing that can be easily configured to give your learners motivation. Featuring two luck-based prizing options, and another where learners can bid for prizes, Ed’s built-in motivation lets learners win gift cards, employee rewards and more. Better yet, there’s no waiting for delivery, with prizes able to be redeemed via email as soon as they’re won.

Best LMS Features - prizing
Best LMS Features – prizing

Configuring prizing is simple – learn more about how it’s done, here. Sort your learners

Users can be tough to manage, especially if you’ve got hundreds of employees over many stores or offices. Ed’s User Groups make this easy, letting you sort your learners into groups. You can then view analytics by user group, letting you see the group’s progress and engagement at a quick glance.

Ed’s user groups give you a simple, easy way to see your learners’ progress and get organised.

Analyse your lessons

Ed gives you access to world-class analytics that allow you to see almost everything that your learners are doing. One of the most useful features of Ed’s analytics is the ability to see just how long users spend on each slide. You can use this information to make decisions about your content – if a slide is too challenging, add more knowledge transfer before it, for example.

Best LMS Features - Analytics
Best LMS Features – Analytics

Ed’s fine-grain analysis lets you see exactly what your learners are doing, quickly and at-a-glance. Learn more, here.

Share your lessons

Ed gives you so many options for sharing your lessons with anyone. As the platform is HTML5-based, lessons will run on any modern browser – giving you the ability to quickly send a preview link to colleagues for review.

Once the time to distribute your lessons has arrived, share an invite code with learners, or simply upload a list of email addresses and we’ll send out the invitations for you. Learn all about sharing options, here.

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