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Best Elearning Tool

She’s speedy, she’s engaging, she’s EdApp’s mobile first authoring tool. Our authoring tool is the product of the masterminds behind our templates and microlearning modules, tailored to your needs for your convenience.

EdApp’s cloud-based authoring tool makes designing interactive microlearning courses the easiest it has ever been. Our expert instructional designers have designed our templates in a way which only requires minutes or hours of your work, not weeks. Here are five reasons why EdApp is the best authoring tool for enterprises.

Best Elearning Tool Feature #1 – Built-in gamification

If you are unfamiliar with gamification, this one goes out to you. Gamification is an incredibly powerful tool in boosting employee performance and engagement in a multitude of different roles and departments. EdApp’s authoring tool includes gamification, such as prizing and leaderboards, which makes employee training engaging and introduces a sense of healthy competition.

Best Elearning Tool Feature #2 – Use of custom CSS

If you are not completely familiar with what custom CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is, it’s a customising feature responsible for controlling the appearance of features on a page. It is in the form of a markup language that alters the appearance of HTML and gives you the ability to customise everything. Our authoring tool utilises custom CSS to design your lessons inline with your company branding and messaging. Who said magic isn’t real?

Best Elearning Tool Feature #3 – Rapid authoring with our template library

Rapid authoring is made easy with EdApp, providing users with access to our vast template library, within which users simply populate with content.

Best Elearning Tool Feature #4. World class language translation

In just a few clicks your microlearning module can be translated into more than 100 different languages. ‘How?’ you ask. EdApp’s authoring tool has built-in cloud translation technology that harnesses the machine learning power of Google. If you think it couldn’t get better, it is near-instant translation.

5. Enabler of Peer Learning

EdApp allows your employees to create their own lessons to further enhance their knowledge of your company’s processes and practices. Our team has built this feature as we understand a large issue in workplace training is the siloing of knowledge.  By enabling your staff to share their insights with peer learning you unlock a much larger store of company knowledge than any traditional learning can.

Want to learn more?

If all of the above resonates and you’ve got to train a large group or workforce on the latest practices and policies of your organisation, get in touch at You can also try EdApp’s Mobile LMS and authoring tool for free by signing up here.