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Ed Basics: Courses and Lessons within the Ed app

Key Takeaway: Ed is made up of courses, and courses are made up of lessons. Each of these are quick and easy to make, so you can be creating custom learning content in minutes.

Courses and Lessons

In Ed, lessons on one topic are grouped into courses. Within the Ed app, learners are presented with a list of courses and a brief summary on what that course is about. They can tap into these courses to access their lessons.

Ed app structure

Lessons are contained within courses.

Creating your own course is quick and easy (don’t worry – we automatically set all new courses to draft, so none of your learners will see your work until you decide to publish it). After clicking Create new course, all you need to do is name your course and you’re ready to start making lessons. It’s also a good idea to give it a description and an icon (so your learners can easily tell within the app what the course will be about), but you can do that later if you want to get stuck in to creating lessons straight away.

Just as quick to create, lessons are infinitely customisable so that you can produce your own custom learning content with ease.

Once you decide to publish your content, it’s instantly available within the app, and your learners can access it at any time.

Ed learner on their phone

Cloud-based lesson delivery means that your lessons are accessible anytime, anywhere.

Read on to learn about just how versatile Ed’s template-based lesson authoring tool is, or try it out for yourself by signing up for an Ed account and taking the authoring tool tutorial.