Ed App Authoring Tool

New and improved authoring tool is here: Ed App September 2018 release

Our new and improved authoring tool is now live. It’s lightning fast, with new features such as undo, formatting, and more! Based on new and agile web technologies, the new authoring tool will make your authoring experience faster, simpler and smoother.

At Ed, we’ve always strived to take away barriers between our authors and their content, and the redevelopment of the authoring tool has allowed us to improve speed and functionality for our authors, letting them get back to doing what they do best.

Undo and Redo

We all make mistakes, and our authors have always looked for a way to simply and easily undo what they’ve just done. The new authoring tool makes it easy to quickly undo the last thing you’ve done with a quick and simple undo button. This new feature lets our authors experiment without fear of losing all their hard work. We’ve also implemented a redo button – it’s nifty to see a quick before and after of any changes you make!

New Formatting Options

The new authoring tool’s simple markup buttons allow you to bold, italicise or change the size of text by simply highlighting and clicking. This will save our authors time when it comes to making their lessons look great, and improve workflow so authors can focus on their amazing content.

 Faster and Smoother

The new authoring tool uses the latest web technologies – including React and Redux – which improve performance and make authoring smoother. The use of these technologies will also mean faster updates and features added with higher frequency in the future.

Same functionality you know and love

If you’ve been using the authoring tool for years, have no fear. There’s nothing new to learn, and you’ll simply notice some great speed and performance improvements. You can continue to use the authoring tool as you know it.

Ed App Authoring Tool

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