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The market is flooded with eLearning authoring software, so which do you choose. In this article we’ll highlight the key requirements that make for the best elearning authoring software solution in an effort to save your organisation time, money and the stress of training your employees.

Training Authoring Software & Microlearning

It can take months to create a training course for employees and what you’re left with is a mountainous mass of information that rueful employees will not want to scale. Save yourself time and effort by embracing microlearning and breaking down your lessons into bite-sized chunks of information. It will be far more effective at being absorbed by your employees, it’s quicker and simpler to produce and if any elements need to be updated you don’t have to overhaul your entire courseware – you can simply send out small, updates.

Three letters: LMS

The software you’re after is called Learning Management System which s frequently reduced to the three-letter acronym: LMS. A good LMS will enable you to simply create your own lessons without special training. Trainers aren’t always the most tech-savvy people and so using an LMS with multiple templates that are easy to customise is essential.

Go mobile with your eLearning authoring software

The great thing about eLearning is that the days of herding your employees (who could be based anywhere in the world) into a single space at the same time are over. However, you still need to be wary of bloated courseware that can be as difficult to transmit to its audience as it is to digest. Just about everybody has a smartphone these days. If you use an LMS that is optimised for mobile – unsurprisingly called a Mobile LMS – you can rest assured that all of your employees will have access to it and that all they’ll need to do is download an app. Just make sure your chosen mobile LMS works on both Apple and Android devices.

Course Authoring Software: Interactivity and Gamification

Passive learning is so passé. In a world where the average human attention span is now less than a goldfish, you need your eLearning authoring software to build in interactive elements to make engaging with courseware far more effective. Typing in answers and multiple choice questions should be used sparingly. Use a mobile lms which provides a variety of methods for answering the questions. Learning is fun when lessons are fun. Choose a platform that offers scratch-to-reveal answers, video clips, timed answers, flip cards and other built-in lms templates.

Elearning Authoring Software
The best eLearning authoring software is focused on mobile.

Incentives and rewards with your elearning software

Choose eLearning multimedia authoring software which offers incentives and rewards for completing tasks. This could involve prizes for the first employees to complete the course – or for all those who finish by a deadline. If a question is tricky you can provide prizes for those who answer individual questions correctly the quickest. Simply offering a course completion certificate can provide a real sense of achievement for completing a course

If you’re interested in a mobile lms which offers all of the above, get in touch at You can also try EdApp’s Mobile LMS and authoring tool for free by signing up here or in the box below. [wpipa id=”815″]

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