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4 active learning tips

Active learning is a smart and increasingly popular way to engage staff in learning material for workplace training. No longer is it the ‘way things are done’ to get staff to sit down and passively take in an hour long talk about a new product rollout. Nor does a print out of PowerPoint slides constitute a learning management strategy. The workplace is evolving and learning needs to evolve with it. So here are our 4 best active learning tips.

Active Learning Tip #1 – Engaging Content

Learning content, for a long time, has been static and dull. Whether it be a PowerPoint deck, a read-and-forget manual or a dusty old manager talking about best practice. But we all know how this ends: poor engagement and poor information retention. Luckily, these days we have the mobile platform to deliver engaging and stunning education content into people’s pockets. Our authoring tool allows you to create lessons that make people want to learn.

Active Learning Tip #2 – Spaced Repetition

Just like learning someone’s name for the first time most of us need to hear things a few times before we remember them. Workplace learning is no different, if anything we need to engage with material even more to retain it. Spaced repetition is the concept that information should be delivered at spaced intervals to ensure information is refreshed in our minds to the point that we are about to forget it. Just like daily exercise we need to keep at it until our brain has a tight grip on what we are trying to learn.

Active Learning Tip #3 – Social Learning

Humans are hardwired to be social animals and it’s no wonder that we retain information best when we use newly acquired information to discuss and debate. EdApp knows this and we’ve built in social learning features that can be used in app by learners to post, discuss and debate ideas that they have picked up.

Active Learning Tip #4 – Reward your learners

We all like to be rewarded for our efforts. Gamification of lessons is a great way to do this. Whether it be physical prizing rewards or the internal gratification of knowing that you are on the top of the leaderboard in company learning, it all helps to make staff keep coming back for more. Learning managers can ensure completion rates are always high and staff are always up to speed on the latest learning.

The core principles of active learning aim to create lessons that are relevant, engaging and give learners the opportunity to use material in different circumstances. The better designed your learning is the faster staff can get up to speed and start implementing new information.

Where to go next for active learning tips?

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