8 Tips to Engage and Inspire Millennials in eLearning

8 Tips to Engage and Inspire Millennials in mLearning

Engaging and inspiring millennials when providing employee training is often difficult and, we hate to say it, neglected. We hear you.

We think it’s time to turn your training strategy around with top tips on how to boost engagement and productivity of millennials with mobile learning, mLearning.

1. Encourage collaboration

Collaboration amongst your employees often results in increased motivation and the creation of a support network. This assists employees in completing greater quantities of training and focus on material which they consider challenging.

2. Transform learning into bite-sized chunks

Dividing learning up into bite-sized chunks allows information to be easily-digested by learners, allowing them to absorb more knowledge and in a shorter amount of time. Cue, microlearning!

3. Maintain fun and flexibility

Making learning fun and flexible is suitable for the needs and preferences of millennial learners. The attention spans of the average human brain is no more than 8 seconds… so that’s about the time it took you to read this paragraph up to right HERE. Yep, seriously. This is why it is crucial to keep learning entertaining and flexible to engage the modern learner.

4. Mentally stimulate your audience

Learners must be challenged to remain engaged and continually absorbing and retaining new knowledge. However, a middle ground must be established where the content is not facile, while not being too difficult. Both of these ends of the spectrum will detract learners from content, taking away from the main objective of designing microlearning courses.

5. Constantly provide feedback

The provision of feedback to learners is essential to their personal and professional improvement. Learners will not have a full understanding of their progress unless they are fed constructive feedback in order to ensure they are performing to their optimum.

6. Utilise gamification in learning material

Fusing gaming elements to serious content is effective in the creation and execution of the most successful employee training strategy. Elements such as point scores, leader boards, badges and prizes are used as extrinsic motivation for the increased activity of learners.

7. Recognise and reward employees

Recognition and reward are the only, and most important, R’s you need to worry about. Yep, really. When employees feel valued, they are guaranteed to work harder and use their time more productively as they feel a sense of appreciation and personal attachment to the company. Rewards are also used as boosts for learners to keep them on the right (and productive) track to success!

8. Social networking!

Ahh millennials. What would they do without the social network? It’s safe to say it is where their strengths lie and a fantastic starting point when implementing mobile learning to our younger generations. Social networking and learning are a match made in learning heaven.


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