8 Templates to Turbocharge your Microlearning Lessons

8 Templates to Turbocharge your Microlearning Lessons

The extent of effectiveness of your authoring tool determines the fruitfulness of your microlearning lessons for your employees. Receiving modules as beneficial to them is at the forefront of employees’ priorities, meaning the incorporation of gamification is essential.

Gamification increases employee engagement and boosts productivity by eradicating mental barriers prohibiting the instillment of new knowledge into long-term memory. In other words, gamification has been proven to significantly increase the retention of new knowledge.

Traditional learning processes, such as rote memorisation, have been unsurprisingly neglected by L&D professionals, due to their ineffectiveness and inferiority to the rapid developments in mobile learning technology.

EdApp’s mobile-first, cloud-based authoring tool provides our users with a library filled with an array of effective templates with a touch of gamification for optimal corporate success. Without being facile, traditionally simple games are brought into an effective adult setting to challenge users.

We provide you with exemplifications of gamified lessons in 8 of EdApp’s templates, to turbocharge your employee learning program.

1. Next in Order

This is a timed activity, with the objective to reinforce important steps in a procedure.

Next in order

2. Memory

A classic children’s game turned adult-friendly.


3. Letter Jumble

Learners literally spell out terms and phrases to consolidate vocabulary and new information.

Letter Jumble

4. Find a Word

Makes learners hunt for the correct words in our auto-generated word grid.

Find a word

5. True or False

Exactly what it sounds like – swipe left or right for true or false.

True or False

6. Elevator Game

Learners match an image to a description, perfect for product learning.

elevator learning game

7. JeopEdy

This Jeopardy!-inspired template allows you to become some sort of gameshow host. JeopEdy sounds so much better, are we right or are we right?

Jeopardy microlearning gamification

8. Image/ Word Match

Learners are directed to match correlating attributes.

Image/ Word Match

Besides a whole lot of fun, these games have a whole lot more to offer. EdApp’s Brain Boost feature incorporates a spaced learning technique, coined spaced repetition. Information is strategically presented in scientifically-derived intervals, allowing the mind of the learner to engrain new information into long-term memory. In our microlearning modules, Brain Boost does it all for you – automatically formulating spaced repetition in areas the particular learner is struggling with or for more difficult concepts, requiting some extra practice.


Want to learn more about accelerating company success?

If you’d like to use gamification to turbocharge your workforce training for practices, policies, procedures or products, get in touch with EdApp at enquiries@edapp.com. You can also try EdApp’s spaced repetition implementation, Brain Boost, for free by signing up here.

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