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7 Inspirational Designs: See how to bring your content to life

One of the key benefits of Ed is the Template Library. It’s a collection of templates for all facets of learning that allow you to achieve unparalleled engagement with lessons designed specifically for mobile.

Although these templates are already visually appealing and ready to be populated with your content, we recognise the importance of a brands strong visual identity when it comes to providing a custom cohesive learning experience. Hence, with Ed you have the ability to customise virtually every aspect of your mobile-first course without spending significant time and resources on tailoring design.

Below are seven examples of customisation and branding that will help guide you to producing world-class microlessons with a strong visual appeal your learners will love!

1. Coca-Cola


Featured Template: ‘Chat’

Ed uses layouts and user flows that are proven to increase knowledge transfer and user engagement. Templates can be fully personalised with stylistic choices that won’t disrupt the established user experience of Ed.

In the case of Coca-Cola, by simply uploading the brand logo and selecting an appropriate background image, Ed automatically adjusts the colour palette to accommodate without undermining the original Ed design.

Here, the selected background image transforms the lesson to embody the Coca-Cola brand and effectively communicate their core message, “Taste the Feeling.”

2. North Face


Featured Template: ‘Dial’

A background image can significantly alter the look and feel of your lessons. This tool can be used to upload a watermark or an opaque image (like the North Face example above) to sit behind your lesson content. Here, photography was used from the brands marketing material to keep learning content inline with the existing company image.

This is an especially effective technique, as using images your learners will recognise increases the resonance of your lessons than if obscure stock images were used. Further increase immersion for your employees by utilising photography of your workplace, recognisable personnel and/or products.

3. Levi’s


Featured Template: ‘Construct’

Like the North Face example above, the featured product is obvious without intruding on the course content. Ed’s colour scheme tool allows users to create contrast between the photograph and text to upkeep readability. With one click you can change the colour scheme of all slides in a course when dictating what works best with the imagery you upload.

Another great feature of this example is the way the image communicates additional information to the content. The background image embodies the feeling of the brand and illustrates the product in use.



Featured Template: ‘Drag to Match’

A softer image works here as IKEA have a highly colourful portfolio of products. The subtle, almost faded image enables the products to pop. The branding choices have taken into account the visual nature of the featured product line and end experience of the learner.

It is also a great illustrator of how Ed’s clear user interface shines through even when a busier image is uploaded. On Ed, each template is thoroughly tested so that when various changes to the logo, colour scheme and background are made (as seen here) the specially designed format is not disrupted.

5. Braun


Featured Template: ‘Carousel’

The stylistic choices made here evoke a strong sense of the brand’s values; sleek, elegant and clean. The black background and watermark of the product offset in the bottom right of the screen, keeps the lesson’s design inline with Braun’s sleek and dark identity. You can achieve a similar effect by uploading a watermark or transparent image and selecting a background colour that mirrors your brands aesthetic.

6. Jaguar


Featured Template: ‘Slider’

In a similar fashion to the Braun example above, the brand here too has chosen to position an image of the product in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Interestingly, a background colour close to that of the product has been chosen. This creates an almost monotone blended visual, forming a strong canvas base for the course content.

7. Nike


Featured Template: ‘Text Sequence’

Here a more literal approach has been taken, where the item covered in the Product Training course is featured as the background image. When uploading an image to the background rather than placing within the slide, the image remains in place as a constant reference for the user as they scroll to reveal more text.

Whilst Ed templates can be used straight out of the box, available branding options allow you to help users engage and really make Ed lessons your own.

The format of Ed lessons has been carefully designed in accordance to the navigation and user interface unique to mobile. Regardless of changes to colour scheme, logo, text, background, image choice and positioning, the tested user experience of Ed remains intact.

Create your own stunning mobile learning like these examples with our Template Library.

For a guide on how to upload branding please visit our Academy page.