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6 Microlearning Examples

Microlearning is sweeping the world of learning and development. Enabled by the rise of the smartphone, the practice of reducing learning into easy-to-digest, information nuggets is proving incredibly popular when it comes to adult learning, company training and retail training. Here are some fantastic implementations of great microlearning.

Six examples of great microlearning

1. Product training

If you need to train multiple staff who maybe permanent or temporary and who may be spread across the globe about a new-or-updated product, getting them into one place for training is impractical while sending out traditional eLearning is going to run into issues regarding infrastructure, computer access and ability to use the equipment. By far the most practical method is to embrace ubiquitous phone ownership and distribute a great microlearning lesson to your learners.

In this example, we can see how retail staff can learn about an updated Macbook with key messages being reinforced regardless of whether a learner got the answer right or wrong. You can find out more about product training, here.

2. Onboarding staff

Once a company has agreed to hire someone, they have to run the gauntlet of hoping they’ll not change their mind or get a better offer before they actually start. By sending a great microlearning onboarding course to them, they’ll feel like part of the team before they actually start. If you include information on where to go, who to talk to and where the facilities are, you won’t need to impact your other workers either.

3. Health and Safety

Who doesn’t love health and safety training? This perennial bugbear of an HR department can be easily addressed with great microlearning. All of your employees own phones – whether they’re Gen-Z or Baby Boomers. By using analytics, HR can see who has and who hasn’t completed the course and Push Notifications can be used to remind learners regarding this.

4. Learning as a gameshow

If you’ve a series of incredibly un-engaging learning questions, why not use incredibly engaging gameshow-like microlearning to present them. In this example of great microlearning, learners can earn points depending on which questions they answer and how fast they answer them. Offering prizes to the best performers (or teams of learners) provides further motivation.

jeopardy game template - an example of great microlearning
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5. Great kids games

The K.I.S.S. method of design and implementation is always worth bearing in mind – Keep It Simple, Stupid. So why not test learners’ grey matter by making them remember things using one of the oldest children’s games around?

memory microlearning
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6. Interactive microlearning

Many organisations will have heavily invested in training content already. One of the great things about microlearning is that it can be used to augment existing programs and infrastructure. By utilising engaging templates (by uploading existing content and questions to them) you can easily create highly-engaging microlessons that are fun and very effective.

Want more great microlearning?

Great microlearning typically sees eLearning course completion rates soar from under 20% to well over 80% – and that’s before adding games and incentives. If you’d like to know more about implementing it at your organisation, get in touch at You can also try EdApp’s Mobile LMS and authoring tool for free by signing up here or in the box below.

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