5 Vocabulary Quiz Makers

5 Vocabulary Quiz Makers

A vocabulary quiz maker is a software that enables you to create quizzes in a variety of formats with the goal of expanding the learner’s vocabulary. It is important that you use a vocabulary quiz maker to get your team members completely knowledgeable of the words necessary for smooth day-to-day production.

1. EdApp

When your team needs to learn vocabulary in order to make the production process run smoothly, the responsibility is on you, the learning and development manager, to make sure that your workforce is capable. To do that, you need software you can rely on to get you through the entire process from creating the learning online course material, creating the vocabulary quizzes, and effectively dispatching them.

The best free SCORM and vocabulary quiz maker on the market that we recommend is EdApp. With this vocabulary quiz maker, you can improve the employee’s learning experience by utilizing a two-pronged approach to make sure that vocabulary is remembered. The first step is using the Brain Boost feature which utilizes spaced repetition to ensure that the vocabulary lessons are taken at increasing levels in order to promote retention. The second step is to create your quizzes with Rapid Refresh, EdApp’s revolutionary quiz maker that will also check the understanding of your team. The questions are easy to input in the spreadsheet and the quiz will automatically be delivered to your team based on your preferred schedule. You can then analyze the results of the tests after they are automatically graded. To foster friendly competition, you can also have a leaderboard shown to learners to see which place they land on after taking the quiz.

Vocabulary Quiz Maker - EdApp

Price: Free

Features: Spaced repetition, Rapid Refresh quiz maker, user analytics, automated delivery, automatic grading, leaderboards

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2. Typeform

Typeform is a vocabulary quiz maker that allows users to use their customizable templates to create vocabulary quizzes for a variety of groups including workers, students, and more. The learning management system is good because it allows you to boost engagement by customizing backgrounds, Google fonts, colors, buttons, and more. You can add media content to your vocabulary quizzes such as videos, icons, images or you can use your own. You should be able to create your quizzes just the way you want them with zero coding knowledge. The drag and drop builder makes it super easy to create quizzes in minutes and in addition to that, the platform supports integration with Google Sheets, Salesforce, Slack, Google Analytics, Zapier, and Hubspot.  Typeform is great but you will need to run it alongside another platform that facilitates learning before you start testing knowledge.

Vocabulary Quiz Maker - Typeform

Price: $25-83/month

Features: Test maker, survey maker, form maker, customization, integration

3. Flexiquiz

Flexiquiz is one of the easiest to use online vocabulary quiz makers on the market. You can even try it out before signing up which is one of the unique features of this platform. Like most quiz makers, Flexiquiz allows you to create your vocabulary tests in a variety of formats. After you have finished creating your quiz, you can disperse it to your team or make it available to the entire organization. The service also comes with a reports feature for you to analyze the results of the quiz in order to make adjustments where necessary. Flexiquiz allows you to schedule your tests, create custom email invitations to specific team members, and set up automatic grading to lessen your workload. The platform supports mobile devices so your team can access the test materials anywhere they are. Speaking of materials, you can also create your tests with videos and images.

Vocabulary Quiz Maker - Flexiquiz

Price: $15-$50/month

Features: Auto-grading, powerful reports, test scheduling, public and private tests, custom email invites, mobile-ready, multiple question types, SSL encryption, PDF reports, advanced configuration options, timed tests, respondent accounts

4. Opinion Stage

Opinion Stage is another easy-to-use quiz maker that will run on any of your devices. Trainers can make a variety of quizzes for their training program based on what they think will engage the workers most. One option is picture questions that use images to show objects or situations to go with a question. You can also opt to use Synonym Questions which prompt the learner to pick a word that is closest in meaning to the given word. Another option available when you make a quiz is Fill in the Blanks and Multiple Choice. Remember that vocabulary quizzes can also include questions or statements that need to be completed by understanding and choosing the correct word. The opposite of synonyms, antonyms, also works when teaching vocabulary. If your learners can understand a word and its antonym, they will become easier to remember. Opinion Stage has a lot of useful features, but it also has significant drawbacks such as its limitation to only being available in English.

Vocabulary Quiz Maker - Opinion Stage

Price: $0-$199/month

Features: Multiple quiz options, mobile compatible, customization

5. Aidaform

Aidaform is a platform with many quiz templates that you can utilize to build your vocabulary quiz. With Aidaform you will be able to create a dedicated vocabulary test collection for multiple use scenarios. The tests will have a reveal answers option at the end that will help facilitate learning for your team. It also comes with an automatic score calculation feature that calculates and automatically displays scores at the end of quizzes. The expert features of the platform can also be used as lead generators for your business. In addition to all of that, a nice touch from the platform is the option to say thank you and offer other courses, quizzes, or additional resources that your learners can go to after taking a quiz. Unfortunately, this learning environment platform isn’t free and could cost a lot each year.

Vocabulary Quiz Maker - Aidaform

Price: $8-$40/month

Features: E-signature, file upload, stripe & PayPal payments, subscription sales via Stripe, formulas, calculations, quiz scoring

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