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5 Reasons Why Microlearning is Good For Company Culture

With company culture increasingly becoming a key factor of employee retention, employers are ever mindful of undergoing practices and implementing policies that are reflective of their company values.

Microlearning (and Mobile) can help.

1. Shows You Value Your Employees

Microlearning delivered at a regular frequency, demonstrates an employer values their employee’s time and professional growth. By abandoning the traditional long lectures and induction workshops, users can now learn at a time that is convenient to them. Preventing interruption to an employee’s already busy workday speaks loudly their work and contribution to the company is valued. The fact that there is sound science behind microlearning and the way modern employees learn, also illustrates to your employees that you value them enough to support their career development and provide growth opportunities.

An employer that respects an employee’s time is valuable, are in turn valued by their employees.

2. Demonstrates Progressive Values

Implementing microlearning also demonstrates identification of digital trends and an understanding of how digital content is currently being consumed. In deploying micro learning, an employer is saying “I recognize bite-size learning is the appropriate solution for today’s learner.”
Consequently, an employee appreciates that the company they work for is progressive and looking towards the future.
For example, using microlearning for onboarding, especially on mobile, demonstrates immediately to a new employee that this is a company focused on values such as innovation, progression and relevance. What a great differentiator for the company that provides microlearning on mobile for onboarding versus the traditional induction seminar and painful orientation workshops!


3. Brings A Learning Culture To The Fore

Departing from the traditional occasional training ‘task’, microlearning is ongoing throughout employment; Learning and Development becomes a daily or weekly habit. The frequency of this learning style results in a learning culture remaining top of mind in those organizations. Employees are also more willing and open to learn new skills as they are continually in a learning mindset.

Bite-sized chunks of learning at a higher frequency highlights the value of employee development.

The use of leaderboards establishes a forum to motivate your competitive learners to increase their positioning. Notifications of winners and previous prizes won highlights the fact other employees are currently participating to incentivize your users to complete lessons. You can even create a culture of competition and the sharing of results for acknowledgement. This will help foster a culture of transparency that strengthens your employee’s sense of alignment to the company and ultimately increase motivation and engagement levels in your workplace.

4. Encourages Peer Learning

Microlearning on mobile also facilitates sharing and collaboration in the workplace. As it is conducted often, learning is able to become ‘water-cooler conversation’ and something discussed more regularly. This is also further facilitated by the anywhere anytime nature of Ed’s mobile delivery.

[A study from *ShareThis* revealed users are three times more likely to share content via their iPhone versus their desktop.](http://www.adweek.com/socialtimes/mobile-desktop-social-sharing/488213)

Our platform Ed also has a unique feature to encourage peer learning. Through the use of stars being awarded for successful completion and the use of those stars to win prizes, learning excites discussion.

Winners on Ed are also encouraged to leave helpful tips for their peers. These tips are often words of encouragement such as “Winning is possible if you complete your tasks on time and participate in lessons.” Furthermore, the ‘familiar’ factor means that learners often recognize winner’s names and are further motivated by the fact that their peers are not only progressing with their learning but also winning prizes.


Here at Ed we recently saw evidence of this, where a winner published a photograph of their prize on their enterprise social network, Yammer. Excited by the fact that she had won a prize – and impressed of the rapid delivery (thank you Best Buy) – the user posted a picture of her prize bringing learning into the social sphere in a way that had not been seen before at that company.

5. Builds Employee Confidence

Micro and Mobile learning can also build confidence with the rewarding of stars, small ladder achievements or awards that ensure your employees are continued to feel appreciated and acknowledged throughout the year. When learning in bite-sized chunks, there are more micro moments for success. Instead of waiting to receive feedback in their 6-month review, the structure of microlearning provides multiple opportunities for feedback giving employees a real sense of their progress. With Ed, success and reward happens often and quickly, improving employee confidence and their self worth in a company.


Microlearning and indeed Ed can help you build on a company culture of excellence. It provides the glue for a strong performance based workplace culture by reflecting progressive company values, demonstrating employees are valued and bringing a learning culture to the fore.