5 Reasons to Use Microlearning

5 Reasons to Use Microlearning

Microlearning is the idea of teaching small units of information in short-segments, so that there is a high retention of information and greater knowledge transfer. Here are the top 5 reasons to use microlearning for business and their employees.

1. Reach employees from anywhere

Many companies utilize remote learners who are distributed all over the world. With microlearning, employers can provide training to their employees that they can access from anywhere. This means there isn’t a need for these employees to travel to a conference center for some specialized training. They can receive their training from their mobile devices. They have access to their training programs from where they are, so they can easily complete it quicker and more efficiently.

2.  Better Retention

Microlearning presents the information in a concise way that is broken down into small units, so it is easier for the user to retain the information. Retention is higher, which means that the individual can complete their training faster and become more efficient. It is a great way for them to provide their employers with more results. For example, they can learn more about the company’s products, so that they can work to help their customers more effectively.

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3. Flexibility

Microlearning is successful because it is so flexible. Employers don’t have to schedule a time for employees to come in, tie down their best performers to teach the skills, or pay their employees to watch orientation videos. Employers can provide their employees with access to their microlearning environment which allows them to complete training before their first day of work (from their mobile) when at home and at any time.

4. Increased Support

Microlearning is a great tool that can help to support employees on the job. If they have a question, they can jump on their phone and find the answer. They can access information about how to handle certain incidents or what to do in certain situations. They can gain access to information when they need it.

5. Access Unlimited Information

Companies can continually add more information to microlessons for their employees. This works to provide them with endless access to information that can help them be successful. It provides them with a method to access a wide selection of information that they can use to be better at their job, which provides employers with better qualified employees.

Microlearning provides employers with a way to provide content to their employees and a way for employees to gain the knowledge they need to be successful. Plus, the learning happens in a format that is easy to access and less expensive to maintain.

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