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5 learning principles we can take from Game of Thrones

When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. However, there are some that are more suited to play the game than others.

Here at Ed Microlearning, there are a number of fans of the global phenomenon that is HBO’s Game of Thrones. We got together to have a look at what we can all learn from George R.R. Martin’s fantasy world and how it applies to learning.

1. Bigger is not always better


Photo: HBO

Despite his height, Tyrion is a highly effective and influential player in Game of Thrones, navigating the Seven Kingdoms and its people better than a world-class chess player. Tyrion proves that you don’t have to be big to have a great effect.

Although shorter in duration, microlearning is clinically proven to be more effective for knowledge transfer and retention than its longform counterparts. In December 2015, researchers at Germany’s Dresden University of Technology released a study on whether online learners performed better with learning that frequent and bite-sized or infrequent and longform. Assessed on speed and comprehension accuracy, those who learned with ‘micro’ content at a higher frequency performed almost 25% better.

2. Don’t lock knowledge away


Photo: HBO. *”Generation Y: Understanding the Work Habits of Millennials,” Halogen Software Blog, 9/14.

The traditional LMS keeps knowledge locked away in the center accessible only on desktop, like a Maester in a castle. We have the consequences where knowledge and insights fails to reach those in need. With unprecedented levels of smartphone penetration amongst your learners, you have the ability to unlock knowledge and deliver learning to the fingertips of your employees everyday.

3. Don’t “know nothing”


Photo: HBO

It’s not clear exactly what Ygritte knows that Jon doesn’t. There are many fan theories on why Ygritte often recited “You know nothing Jon Snow,”; from Jon’s lack of awareness that he can warg, to a simple expression of love. But one thing is clear; Jon doesn’t have all the information at hand. This doesn’t have to be the case with your LMS.

When it comes to your learners, you want to know more than ‘nothing’ on how they are progressing. Ed’s world-class analytics provide comprehensive data beyond simply completion rates. With Ed’s analytics you can group course content into themes to easily identify your learners strengths and weaknesses, in addition to an overall picture of how individual learners are progressing in their knowledge.

4. The value of fast and effective communication


Photo: HBO

In Game of Thrones, important information is often delivered by raven. The length of time it takes for a message to deliver has often lead to disastrous results.

With Ed, push notifications enable you to instantly communicate with your learners wherever they may be. Deliver content directly to their mobile devices and avoid any chance of raven interception or delayed action. Push notifications have 50% higher open rates vs. email, with recipients likely to take action within 15 minutes. Significantly better than any raven.

5. Have the right tools


Photo: HBO

Like Arya Stark’s Needle and Oberyn Martell’s spear, a light and agile weapon is often more suitable than heavy duty armor. In Tyrion’s ‘trial by combat’ at the Vale, the sellsword Bronn successfully wears down a heavily armored Ser Vardis Egen using agility and skill to win.

Ed’s extensive and adaptable Authoring Tool enables you to deliver effective courses in rapid turn-around-times. The extensive Template Library enables you to create lessons in the most efficient way possible, providing content neutral templates ready for you to populate. Ed is like finding the right weapon best suited for your mission.

So while you’re waiting for next week’s episode, partner with Ed and get yourself closer to the mobile learning throne.