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5 Ed Features You Might Not Know About


Here at Ed, we are constantly working to improve our service, with the goal of becoming the world’s best mobile learning platform. Here’s a list of 5 small tips and tricks that you may not know about within the Learning Management System.

1. Search for a hard-to-find course

If you’ve got a lot of courses within your LMS, it can sometimes become hard to find a course, given that the order of courses is customizable. A simple trick you can use to search for courses is the “Filter” button, found in the “Courses” dashboard.

5 Ed Features You Might Not Know About

You’ll find it at the top of the page, and it will allow you to search by title, identifier, or date.

2. Set up your own Invite Code

Possibly the most useful feature for sharing your lessons in a simple way, the Invite code feature allows you to give learners easy access to any course. You can set these up for Universal Access, or just for specific user groups. Then, it’s just a matter of spreading the word about the course you’ve created. Give these to a class to enhance blended learning, a team for easy-to-access employee training, or use it yourself to quickly test a course.

5 Ed Features You Might Not Know About

You can read more about invite codes over at Ed Academy.

3. Embed Vimeo and YouTube videos, and hone in on relevant content

Many already know about the amazing and free video hosting that Ed allows, even using the free plan. But what is often forgotten is the ability to embed a Youtube or Vimeo video directly into your lesson. To do this, simply add a “YouTube Video” or “Vimeo Video” template within your lesson, and configure it with your selected video’s ID number.

5 Ed Features You Might Not Know About

A new feature in these templates you may not know about allows you to set both a start time and end time for videos, allowing you to hone in on only the most relevant content for learners.

4. Import slides between lessons

Want a quick and easy way to make a “review” lesson? Use the “Import” tab in the template gallery to move slides between lessons.
5 Ed Features You Might Not Know About

Once imported, they will be independent of their originals, allowing you to alter reinforcements to create questions targeting different objectives. Keep them the same to create a recap or evaluation at the end of a course!

5. Change the Star Bar Game

You’re probably familiar with “Spin to Win”, the default game in the Star Bar – but did you know you can create prize draws using two other fantastic games – Lucky Dip and Auction.
5 Ed Features You Might Not Know About

To change this, go to the “App Settings” menu, and choose the game that you think will engage and motivate learners most effectively. You’ll also need to configure your prize draws to match each game – you can read more about each game, and how to do this at Ed Academy.

Got a favourite feature that wasn’t mentioned here? Let us know at hello@edapp.com!