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4 Ways A Mobile Learning Authoring Tool Beats Boring Workshop Training

A mobile learning authoring tool is the alpha ingredient to the recipe for employee training success. If you’re wondering what an authoring tool is, it’s a software program which assists in the creation of effective mLearning modules.

What’s worse than a boring workshop training? We’ve been sitting here for too long without a decent answer, so it’s safe to say, nothing. This makes it incredibly viable and easy to share four ways mobile authoring tools are superior to conventional workshop training.

1. Authoring tools’ interactive aspect

Interactivity in our tech world is becoming typical, meaning you will be left behind if you don’t keep up by adapting to the changes in technological advancement. Harsh, we know, but true. That’s why making your employee training microlearning modules interactive so they fully immerse employees in the company is important.  It boosts their engagement, thus allowing for better performance in their roles. Authoring tools allow for the incorporation of interactive elements, such as, images, videos and game-like quizzes.

2. Using gamification in a mobile learning authoring tool

Gamification encompasses game-like quizzes and other interactive elements to your mLearning modules.  This is one of the great things that are made possible by mobile learning authoring tools. It can introduce healthy competition amongst your employees to ‘compete’ for first-place, essentially being the ‘best learner.’ Tell us that five years ago, and we’d wonder what it’s like to not have a social life. That’s just how much technology is advancing and just how quickly.

3. Access to a vast template library

Implementing gamification can be sometimes difficult, however, authoring tools make this breezy through complete access to a vast library of templates. Not only do templates offer design-assistance, they also are intricately designed to offer challenging, whilst still remaining game-like, exercises to stimulate employees’ thinking and knowledge retention. With design pre-created and content imported in less than a day, there’s no need for any other option.

4. The simplicity of content creation

Creating content for mLearning modules is made easy by one of the many advantageous functions of authoring tools. Content can easily be loaded into the templates and just as easy to adjust and update. This means that regardless of what changes are made to company processes or products, or industry trends, employees can be kept up-to-date with information that is always relevant.

Want to implement an mLearning authoring tool?

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