4 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Content Authoring Tool

4 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Content Authoring Tool

Good content authoring tools tailor your training lessons to the needs of the company and the employee. EdApp’s mobile first authoring tool is capable of constructing the most effective templates and microlearning modules, for optimal employee training. 

Within our cloud-based authoring tool, our expert instructional designers have made designing interactive microlearning courses the easiest it has ever been, with our templates. The plethora of templates you will have access to only require minutes or hours of your work, not weeks.

Here are four ways you can gain the most from your content authoring tool.

1. Opt for a cloud-based learning portal

EdApp’s learning portal is cloud-based, meaning learners have instant access to course material in a mutual space. This is particularly useful when publishing new content to an existing LMS, as it is imported within a few minutes and is immediately available for learners to access.

2. Look out for collaboration potential

Cloud-based authoring tools make it possible to boost teamwork through collaboration. Peer Learning is one of the most effective forms of employee training, as the only people who know as much as you about the company’s processes, practices and products are your existing employees. Collaborating through gamification is achieved through the use of leaderboards and point scores, instilling a sense of healthy competition in learners.

3. Collect and examine insightful learning analytics

Continually analysing learning analytics produced from employee progression, allows for the improvement of courses and skills of staff. To ensure alignment of company objectives and learning outcomes, learning courses must be constantly reviewed and assessed in order to create a detailed picture of the strengths and any limitations of your lessons. EdApp’s authoring tool is easily accessible and clear, making it incredibly simple to track users’ time spent on the course, their assessment result and other insightful details.

4. Choose a tool that gives you the ability to customise design and branding

Encapsulating your visual brand in your microlearning modules is an essential part of creating effective courses for employees. Matching branding to your learning content also makes it more visually appealing to learners, further engaging them in the ongoing learning process.


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