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4 Considerations When Looking for the Best Authoring Tool

The best authoring tool is responsible for the vast majority of functions when it comes to creating effective microlearning modules for successful staff training. You may wonder what constitutes the “best authoring tool”, but let us tell you, they do exist and for clear reasons.

Searching for the best authoring tool may seem difficult which is why we’re here to assist you in every step of the way. We present to you four considerations when you’re looking for the best of the best.

1. Design functionality and responsiveness

Authoring tools which offer a vast library packed with aesthetic and effective templates is the first indication of a good authoring tool. Templates serve as the basis of an effective platform for the presentation of curated and informative content for your microlessons. They also provide a stencil for ease of accessibility, allowing users to be faced with a simple and seamless learning experience.

2. Branding and theming options

Branding is essential to create a unique learning strategy for your employees to enhance their learning experience and knowledge retained. Theming is made easy with an effective authoring tool as your only task is to import your company-specific information and the rest is done for you. A plethora of colour and other formatting and design options are available further promoting a distinctive learning environment, making specific objectives clear.

3. Collaboration potential

The best authoring tools provide various components which facilitate the possibility of collaboration amongst learners. For instance, EdApp’s authoring tool incorporates gamification where leaderboards are present to motivate employees with intrinsic incentive. Peer authoring is also an important element in the learning process as employees are able to leave feedback on lessons in the form of video or text. This assists the learning support process, making employees feel significantly more valued, therefore boosting their overall productivity and contribution to company success.

4. Effective distribution system

A cloud-based authoring tool is the most effective distribution system as edited or new content is immediately available for employee revision and progression. Having an abundance of employees in various roles can be difficult, at times, in the accommodation of needs and preferences. Cloud-delivery is the solution to your employee training woes, eradicating the need to set aside hours at a time for training employees in a range of different areas and expertise.


Want to learn more about the functions of the best authoring tool?

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