Challenges When Designing Your Mobile Learning Strategy

LMS Strategy

When designing your mobile learning strategy, there are certain factors to keep in mind along the way. However, regardless of how on-track and focused you remain, challenges will inevitably rise which organisations must grapple with to experience success.

Mobile learning has risen to be one of the greatest strategies employable for learning and development professionals, as well as organisations seeking the best training for their employees.

4 Challenges When Designing Your LMS Strategy

In this article, we outline 4 common challenges which need to be grappled with by L&D managers for a smooth sailing lms strategy worth your time.

1. Different needs and preferences of learners

It is most important to note that one size does not fit all! Tailoring learning to each individual’s learners needs and preferences is essential in our currently multigenerational workforce. The only way this can be realistically achieved is though providing learners with microlearning modules, whereby they are able to pick and choose what material they would like to progress through at any given time. Microlearning also enables the information to be distributed to different user groups, meaning that you are able to target people with modules applicable to them.

2. Traditional LMS systems are time consuming

There is much assumption surrounding the time consumed to design and execute a successful training strategy applicable to all employees across the organisation. Traditional LMS’s require weeks and months to set up the most effective program, however, with microlearning, the most quality modules can be successfully executed within hours and days.

3. Instructional design challenges

Employing productive and talented instructional designers can be challenging for organisations due to high demand and complex work. When a mobile-based LMS, like EdApp, is employed, we do all of the design work for you. Our instructional designers design your training modules around your unique content. We import the information into the most effective responsive templates, in a way which will present the information at its optimal level.

4. Excessively elaborate structure

When some hear engagement, they think greatly elaborate design, filled to the brim with different layers and ineffective design elements. To avoid this and, instead, develop a strategy which will be entirely beneficial, adopt a good LMS. We design streamlined and accessible designs which withhold the key to employee training success. The lessons are compatible on various mobile devices for learners’ own convenience, whether this is a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Integrating mobile into your lms strategy is essential to achieve and sustain goals and objectives!

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