3 Ways Authoring Tools are Transforming Learning for Enterprise

3 Ways Authoring Tools are Transforming Learning for Enterprise

Optimising learning for enterprise entails the use of a good authoring tool for effective employee training. 

Authoring tools are software programs, enabling companies to effectively train their workforce through the seamless creation of microlessons. We have sifted through mounds of information to gather the top three ways authoring tools for enterprise are transforming employee training in the workplace.

1. The establishment and achievement of learning objectives

Learning objectives are essential for the embedment of intrinsic motivation in employees. The elements of a good authoring tool must suit the needs and preferences of your employees to assist in achieving company objectives for overall success. Progressing through lessons allows learners to essentially tick vital skills off the list, which are consolidated and retained through spaced repetition.

2. Responsive and efficient design features

Effective authoring tools are responsible for the efficiency of design features incorporated into microlessons. Efficiency is important for a multitude of reasons, predominantly associated with the seamless integration of unique content into microlearning lessons immediately available to learners. EdApp’s authoring tool allows access to a vast library filled with a plethora of different templates, making theming and branding easy. Gamification offers a unique element, making learning not feel like learning. This has an incredibly positive effect on employees, instilling a sense of intrinsic motivation in them.

3. Benefits of a rapid authoring tool

A rapid authoring tool enables users to edit or create new content which is automatically and instantly available for employees to complete. With EdApp’s interactive, template-driven authoring tool, your microlesson is instantly responsive and effective. The tool sports a cloud-based delivery system, meaning learners have continual access to ever changing lesson content at their own fingertips. All you have to do is select the template which is the most suitable for your company’s learning objective and import your content. Our analytics, expert instructional designers and customers have provided us with positive feedback, motivating us to continue developing the app into the best it can be for our users. That’s not all. Creating and editing courseware is the easiest it has ever been, only taking minutes and hours, rather than weeks and months.


Want to implement an authoring tool in your enterprise?

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