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Featured Template: 3 use cases of the ‘Chat’ template

Conversation skills can be hard to teach. Ed’s *Chat* template takes the form of the conversation behavior most of your users are familiar with, *iMessage*. As we will explore, this functionality is the foundation of the template to effectively instill learnable phrases and sales tactics amongst your staff.

A Chat slide will present your users with a question and selection of answers. The learner selects the best response within a text-messaging format. By keeping your courses inline with how your learners consume digital information daily, you can hide the fact your users are learning.

Here are 3 functional use-cases of the Chat template:

1. Enforce brand values and behaviours

Apple is notorious for a rigorous staff induction process. It is said that it is harder to get anointed a ‘Genius’ and don the blue Apple t-shirt than it is to get into Stanford. An Apple induction is aimed to fill employees up with Genius Actions and Characteristics, such as appearing strong while compassionate, persuasive while seeming passive and empathize your way to a sale.

Ed’s Chat template helps you enforce these same behaviors without spending the time and resources lengthy Apple-like bootcamps consume.

The image below provides an example of how with Ed you can encourage staff to craft responses around empathy – a core Apple value when molding the customer experience.


2. Engrain well-crafted responses in your Sales Team

Customers can often pose tricky questions to navigate. However, over time the same questions arise. Ed helps you instill in your Sales team the crafted responses that develop with experience. The Chat template can help you teach ideal responses to these frequently asked questions that have a higher chance of closing sales than those responses produced on the whim.

3. Simulate customer interactions and reward accuracy

Ed enables you to implement stars and time frames to all templates. With the Chat template stars could be awarded for correct responses or you could introduce a time limit in which a response must be made. The added time pressure will stimulate a quick response, which is called upon in the real life counterparts of these conversations. Force your learners to deliver timely and effective responses with the Chat template.