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3 Quick Tips for Better Ed Lessons

3 Quick Tips for Better Ed Lessons

Creating lessons on Ed is incredibly easy, with our rapid-authoring tool enabling you to create engaging, easy to use courseware that will help you get your message across. This week, hear from our in-house content producers for 3 quick tips on how you can improve your Ed Microlearning lessons.

Tip 1: Test Your Lessons

One of the simplest and easiest ways to improve an Ed lesson is to test it – to see how it will look from a learner’s perspective. It goes without saying that much like proofreading an essay, you should never release a lesson without testing it at least once. Much like dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s, Testing is an easy way to iron out the kinks – maybe an interaction isn’t the best it could be, or maybe you forgot to tick a box somewhere.

3 Quick Tips for Better Ed Lessons

In the authoring tool, you can test your lessons really easily – by using the “Share this lesson” function in the “More” tab of a lesson’s dashboard. When enabled, you’ll get a direct link to the web version of your lesson, whether it’s draft or published. You can also feel free to pass the link on to anybody else – sometimes it’s best to get another set of eyes to check your work.

Read more about reviewing your lessons at Ed Academy.

Tip 2: Use Presentational Setup Slides

3 Quick Tips for Better Ed Lessons

A great, kind-of-hidden feature in Ed, dubbed “Presentational Setup Slides”, is a really simple way to set up learners for what’s about to come. You can use them to make activities more engaging, or explain activities that might not be clear. The best part is, they’re super easy to configure, and you only need an image and some text to add amazing value to your lessons.

If you’ve tested your lesson and you don’t think it’s as clear as it could be, consider adding a presentational setup slide. Your learners will be more guided, focused and engaged than ever before.

You can learn when and how you should use a presentational setup slide over at Ed Academy.

Tip 3: Variety is the Spice of Life

There’s no reason not to switch up your lessons in Ed. Variety is a fantastic way of engaging your learners, and with Ed’s template library featuring over 80 templates for you to pick and choose from, there are few excuses to use the same reinforcement twice in a single lesson.

3 Quick Tips for Better Ed Lessons

Our content team recommends you get creative with your use of the template library – there are myriad ways you can use each one, and the possibilities are endless.

At Ed Academy, read about some creative ways to configure templates from the library – for example, use the chat template for retail training, or use the Image Pair template for language reinforcement. The power is yours!

Got any other quick tips that you’d like to share, or maybe something that hasn’t been covered here? Drop us a line at hello@edapp.com!