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3 best number templates

Key Takeaway: Ratio is the best and most versatile interactive number template, followed by Dial and Number Picker.

We saw an opportunity with Ed to create a lot of unique and interesting ways to let you ask your users number related questions, instead of just leaving you to use Multiple Choice over and over. We created Ed’s interactive number templates for this purpose. To help you get introduced to them, we’ve created a list of the top 3 templates from this category, and why they work so well.

We can do better!

We can do better!

3. Number Picker

  • Good for asking for exact numbers.
  • Can ask for a number within the middle of a statement.

As you can have up to three selectable digits, the Number Picker template is good for asking for exact numbers. However it also still the versatility to allow for you to ask simpler questions of your users.

The Number Picker template is also unique in that it allows you to ask users for confirmation of a number within the middle of a statement. This allows you to ask your questions in a different way to all other interactive number templates.

The Number Picker template.

The Number Picker template.

2. Dial

  • Circular design is great for percentage and time based questions.
  • Rotation interaction unique to number interactive templates.
  • Dial’s use of labels can make answering questions easier for users.

The circular design of the Dial template means it is at home for questions about percentages, or times (of course it can still be used to ask about other types of numbers). This template format is also unique to interactive number templates; the rotation screen interaction does not appear anywhere else in the app. The use of this template can spice up lessons and be an interesting change from swiping, tapping and dragging.

In addition, Dial’s unique differentiator from Pie (a similar style number template) is that it shows labels at each selectable increment for the user. This can make for simpler questions, since the user can see every answer available.

The Dial template.

The Dial template.

1. Ratio

  • Highly versatile.
  • Unique interaction mechanic.
  • Can be used to ask many number similar questions at once.

The Ratio template has been selected as the best number template primarily due to its versatility. Its bar design can be used for any type of number question, and with significant screen space available before and after the answer, any length of prefix or suffix can be applied.

While Ratio’s primary purpose is to ask users about the ratio of one number to the other, with the Allow bars to move freely and total any number feature you can set the bars to move independently of each other, effectively letting you ask several similar number style questions at once.

The Ratio template.