10 Web-Based Training Platforms

10 Free Web-Based Training Platforms

Training is necessary to keep your employees up-to-date with the latest knowledge in their respective fields. Whether they are new or old employees, it is important to refresh them with the information needed for their daily tasks to increase their productivity and quality output. Contrary to popular belief that training is difficult to arrange, it is quite easy as long as you know where to reach out for training services. Many platforms offer free and paid tools and content to make training easier to execute. To leverage the use of technology training tool such as a learning management system, investing in training is necessary to improve the performance of your team in the long run. Check out the 10 web-based training platforms that we’ve gathered just for you:

1. EdApp

If you’re looking for a user-friendly, web-based training platform then EdApp is right for you! EdApp is a learning management system (LMS) that specializes in microlearning. This platform has hundreds of high-quality courses in its editable course library. Whatever topic you may think of, EdApp has got you covered with their bite-sized delivery of information for increased knowledge retention and higher completion rate for learners with short attention spans.

Web-Based Training Platform - EdApp

This platform is ideal for not only learners but also instructors who make their own content. EdApp has an easy-to-use authoring tool and microlearning content templates for the rapid creation of interactive course content. All of these are web-based and can be scalable to any device, such as a smartphone, should your learners want to take courses on the go.


  • 800+ high-quality courses available in the course library
  • In-app branding, customizable templates
  • Authoring tool & peer authoring
  • Editable course library
  • 50+ microlearning content templates
  • 100+ language translation with a cloud-based translation tool
  • Online quiz creator and  gamification using Rapid Refresh
  • Rewards & leaderboards
  • Spaced repetition tool
  • Completion certificate
  • Analytics

Cost: Free

2. Coursera

Coursera is a web-based training platform that offers courses by subject matter experts from over 200 reputable educational institutions and companies, such as The Wharton School, Stanford University, Google, and IBM. You can earn industry-recognized course certification with their vast selection of courses, which you can take at your own pace. 

Web-Based Platform - Based Training #2

You can join Coursera for free and check its free and paid courses. There are different learning programs you can choose from, depending on what you’re looking for. Courses can be completed in weeks or months, depending on the pace and course offer.


  • Courses by 200+ leading universities and companies
  • 5100+ courses and specializations
  • Course certificates and degrees

Cost: Free, paid plans

3. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a free educational web-based learning platform with thousands of videos made by experts. The platform has a flexible selection of course materials from primary school topics up to college and professional levels. There are different topics to personalize your own learning and each subject matter has a practice exercise and a handout included. Some topics covered are math, science, arts & humanities, computer science, economics, and life skills.

Web-Based Training - Based Training #3

They primarily use video courses so it is best to sit and learn rather than take it on the go.


  • Thousands of courses in the library
  • Personalized learning
  • Assessments every course
  • Practice exercises and supplementary documents

Cost: Free

4. eDX

eDX is an online training platform that provides courses by top partner organizations and academic institutions, namely Harvard University, the University of Oxford, and MIT. They offer certifications widely recognized by renowned universities and companies. There are different programs to choose from, such as MicroBachelors for undergraduate-level, MicroMasters, and Masters for graduate-level.

Web-Based Training Module - Based Training #4

For enterprise use, you can customize your plan with their eDX business solution that offers corporate learning content.


  • 1000+ courses tailored according to the subject matter
  • Quizzed after lessons
  • Verified professional certification
  • MicroMasters, Masters Degree, and MicroBachelors Program

Cost: Free, paid plans

5. GoSkills

GoSkills is a web-based training platform that specializes in corporate skills training. The course topics they offer are lean six sigma, finance, development, soft skills, design, data analysis, Microsoft Office, project management, office productivity, and Microsoft Excel. Gamification is used to make their lessons interactive and certification is issued once the course is completed.  They also have a feature for analytic reports to track your progress.

Web-Based Training Platform - Based Training #5


  • 2000+ expert made lessons
  • Gamification
  • Certification
  • Analytic Reports

Cost: Free demo, paid plans

6. SkillShare

SkillShare is a web-based training platform where your employees can upskill in different areas of interest such as in creatives, business, technology, and lifestyle categories. There are 35,000 classes by experts with bite-sized lessons you can choose from. There is also an engagement tracker to see the progress of learners.

Web-Based Training Program - Based Training #6

As of the moment, SkillShare doesn’t offer certification management software. For team plans, you can get a free demo and a quotation for the pricing.


  • 35,000 classes
  • Bite-sized lessons
  • Expertly curated content for creative learning
  • Engagement tracker

Cost: Free, paid plans

7. Gyrus

Gyrus is a web-based learning management system that focuses on skill management. Its mission is to give LMS solutions to help with the development of employees, as well as compliance. Its features include webinars and a skills assessment tool that will enable the system to determine the competency rating based on employee performance. Feedback and evaluations are also included for added data in gap analysis and reporting.

Web-Based Training Solution - Based Training #7

Gyrus has 3 plans for starters, enhanced, and enterprise needs. Free trials and demos are available.


  • Improved learning experience with webinars and assessments
  • Competency rating
  • Feedback and evaluation
  • Gap analysis & reporting
  • Scalable

Cost: Free trial, paid plans

8. AdaptiveU

If you’re looking for custom training resources, AdaptiveU offers curated articles, videos, books, and podcasts that you can add to your team’s training. You can book a demo to tailor your training for your organization. Their features include an online course creation software for your training, multiple content sharing options for collaborative learning, and progress trackers and reports.

Web-Based Training Tool - Based Training #8

You can start with their free sign-up that allows up to 5 users, 2 courses, and 1GB storage. Paid plans are also available for upgraded features.


  • Course creation tool
  • Multiple content sharing options
  • Progress tracker & reports

Cost: Free, paid plans

9. 360Learning

360Learning is a web-based collaborative training platform best suited for peer learning. They take pride in their collaborative authoring tool that allows you to create content as fast as 11 minutes. Its features include a collaborative authoring tool and gamification for creating a more engaging course. Collaborative learning is also promoted through the use of collaborative hubs, group pages, and forums.

Web Training - Based Training #9

This platform has a 14-day free trial and should you want to upgrade, you can request a free demo and a list of their pricing.


  • Collaborative authoring tool
  • Gamification
  • Peer-based learning, group pages
  • Collaborative hub, forums

Cost: Free trial, paid plans

10. Agylia

Agylia is a web-based learning platform designed for digital and blended learning. They have eLearning content that covers onboarding, leadership, compliance, and sales training programs. You can manage on-site or online training with Agylia, and be issued a certificate of compliance at the end. To make the courses interactive for learners, Agylia uses gamification. There is also an added security feature to protect your data.

Web Training Platform - Based Training #10

You can request a demo for more information about upgraded features for extended enterprise use.


  • Classroom and online training
  • Compliance and certification
  • Gamification
  • Extended enterprise
  • Security

Cost: Paid plans