10 Video Training Software

10 Free Video Training Software

Training is vital for employees to keep up to date with the necessary knowledge that they need for their jobs. There are plenty of materials that can be used for training but one of the most effective ways to deliver is through course videos. This is great for visual and auditory learners as they can digest the information in a format that they best understand. Also, some lessons are better taught while giving a visual representation, especially in the application of knowledge in real-life situations. With videos, learners can follow the steps more accurately and effectively. Deploying training using videos as a medium of instruction is made possible with the availability of video training software online.

Here are 10 video training software that is useful for digital learning and employee training:

1. EdApp

If you’re looking for an eLearning platform that supports video integration in your SCORM training courses, then look no further than EdApp microlearning. Unlike other learning management systems, training your teams is now made engaging and entertaining with the option to stream videos to supplement the learning. Aside from providing text and pictures in courses, videos are good materials for visual learners with gamification templates. To keep the microlearning approach, the videos must not be longer than 2 minutes, just to keep the learners’ attention. It is encouraged to keep the lessons concise, including only the necessary points that could reinforce knowledge.

Video Training Software - EdApp

You can upload video clips through the authoring tool to add to your online course directly from your computer, YouTube, or Vimeo. To keep everything uniform, there are guidelines for video specifications to keep the quality of your videos while making the loading time tolerable for learners with slower internet connections or limited data.

To make everything interesting, quizzes are included at the end of each lesson and you can include videos within a question. It is possible by uploading a short preview with only 10-15 seconds of content to make assessments effective. Courses can be taken on any device and is 

2. TED

TED showcases thousands of inspiring video learning content on different topics from exceptional speakers. Keep your learners engaged with their vast selection of different social learning TED programs, namely TED Talks, TED Series, and TED-Ed videos. TED Talks are inspirational talks given by speakers from different backgrounds, while TED Series are video series that dives into fascinating topics. TED-Ed videos, on the other hand, are animated videos about educational topics like science and arts that educators usually use for their lessons. You can choose videos of any topic from their library for your employee training.

Video Training Software - TED

3. Khan Academy

Originally established on YouTube, Khan Academy is a video-based learning software that caters to anyone who uses the platform. The teaching style mimics a classroom setup where an instructor teaches the learners while providing a visual presentation. When it started gaining attention, and having more learners and subscribers, Khan Academy became a non-profit educational organization with the vision of providing free high-quality educational materials to anyone, anywhere. 

Video Training Software - Khan Academy

Today, Khan Academy hosts thousands of videos in its learning library. Practice exercises and quizzes are given at the end of a course to check for competency. Also, there is a download option for offline playback.

4. Skillshare

Skillshare is a personnel training software that has hundreds of videos that you can use to train your teams. With their expert creators, you can attend instructor-led training classes on whatever topic you may want to learn more about. The video selection includes business and creatives training videos, as well as tutorials. Some delve into entrepreneurship, marketing, digital art, video editing, photography, and many more! If you are a premium member, there is an offline viewing option available.

Video Training Software - Skillshare

5. edX

edX has 160 member universities and partner companies that contribute to the courses and training available on their platform. To name some institutions, included are Harvard, MIT, University of Oxford, University of Tokyo, Google, IBM, and Microsoft. They have a vast library of course videos that are great for training. Some lessons include computer science, engineering, and business, to name a few. There is also a download option for offline viewing so you can stream classes anytime, anywhere. The videos support up to 11 languages.

Video Training Software - edX

6. LearnWorlds

LearnWorlds is a video training software that allows you to create and sell your online courses. This platform is best used in video-based learning and they also have a tutorial on how to design videos for online learning. LearnWorlds has its own video editor that you can use to create your interactive video training. Features include interactive transcripts & subtitles, an interactive video player, screencasts, navigation, and end question Theme Options.

Video Training Software - LearnWorlds

7. uQualio

Uqualio is a cloud-based video lms platform that you can use for your training needs. Their innovative digital learning tools can be used for corporate learning, bite-sized webinar, marketing, onboarding, product training, and many more! It also supports YouTube and Vimeo formats that you can add to your uQualio account. You can add supporting pictures and documents to your course before publishing. It works on all devices so it is a convenient software to use for your teams.

Video Training Software - uQualio

8. Thinkific

Thinkific is a video training software where you can create online courses. You can add and edit training content, and quizzes, then upload your videos easily with their drag-and-drop software features. You can also schedule lessons, automate content, and even set pricing for the courses. There are over 50,000 course creators and over 100 million courses taken in more than 165 countries. Should you wish to find samples to guide you with the courses, there are available videos on the site. 

9. Howcast

Howcast is a learning management software where you can find how-to videos of any guides and topics. Videos are sorted according to categories: arts & crafts, food & drink, health & wellness, and money & education. There are several videos you can choose from as additional materials when training your teams. Their high-quality instructional videos are also available on YouTube.

Video Training Software - Howcast

10. Teachable

Teachable is a platform where you can create and sell your webinars, video lectures, and online courses. The online training website proudly claims that 100,000 course creators are using Teachable for educational or business purposes. There are easy-to-use tools available for the customization of learning activities, course content, and designs. Some features include dashboards, user profiles, sites, sales viewers, direct email, and course pages. It’s a secured elearning creator platform suited for course content creators.

Video Training Software - Teachable