10 Training module templates

10 Training module templates

A top-level learning management system (LMS) such as EdApp strengthens your company’s training platform not only by its rapid authoring but also by its free editable course library.

A library of world-class courses

Rapid authoring means you can put together high-level training courses in minutes but what if you could reduce that time further?

An LMS library is a collection of courses that others have created for their organizations and shared. You might be able to use some of them “as is”, just import and go. Others, you may have to tweak a little, perhaps different images or slightly revised content. Yet, the majority of the work has already been done for you, so the “ready to train” time is reduced.

Let’s look at 10 of the courses in EdApp’s Library to get a feel of what’s on offer. 

Training module template #1 – Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Construction

Overall course goal: The Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Construction course aims to provide knowledge around how to properly use protective equipment. This will reduce risk and prevent accidents.

Why I chose it: Like most of the courses in the course library, customizing and branding this course to your preference is easily achieved. 

Training Module Template - Personal Protective Equipment for Construction branding

Example from the course: This course uses universal icons and is speaking about general content applicable to any construction sites or organizations. In this example, Caterpillar (CAT) have easily updated the course title and imagery. Further customization can be easily achieved by adding your brand logos, brand colors, and much more.  

Timesaver, right?

Training module template #2 – New Hire Safety Orientation

Overall course goal: As part of your onboarding process, use the New Hire Safety Orientation course to keep your teams’ safe at work, regardless of your industry.

Why I chose it: This material, which virtually every organization needs to present to new hires, is easily customizable. 

Training Module Template - New Hire Safety Orientation

Example from the course: After adding the New Hire Safety Orientation course to your account, edits and customization can be done in real-time. If you want to add another slide, for example, this can be done quickly by clicking “+ Add a new slide” and selecting from EdApp’s library of slide templates.

Training module template #3 – Understanding Customer Motivations

Overall course goal: The fully editable course, Understanding Customer Motivations, delivers an in-depth understanding of customer psychology. This course analyzes why customers come to a store, and why they buy what they buy, empowering your teams with the knowledge they need to help understand their customers.

Training Module Template - Understanding Customer Motivations

Why I chose it: This course is suitable for a wide variety of retail and sales teams, and understanding customer behavior is key in providing the best experience for a potential or current customer. This course uses cafe drinks as an example, but you can easily swap out the drinks for your custom product to suit your teams’ needs.

Training module template #4 – First Responders Psychological First Aid & Resilience

Overall course goal: First Responders Psychological First Aid & Resilience course Covers PTSD – what it is and how to cope with it for both people on the front line and their families. It includes practical psychological information and techniques to support self-care and resilience.

Why I chose it: To show a wide variety of practical courses. While this course is geared to support individuals that might be more at risk for experiencing PTSD at work, it’s also suitable for anyone who may have experienced PTSD in their personal life and/or know someone in their lives who have experienced it. The course collection is made up of 3 lessons: PTDS Awareness for First Responders, Psychological First Aid, and Psychological Support for the First Responder Family. 

Training Module Template - First Responders Psychological First Aid and Resilience

This above slide is an “Image Collection” which displays up to 8 images as sectionable icons. Each icon expands upon a learner’s touch and is a great way to either introduce new products or highlight differences between items or, in this example, scenarios. If you’d like to edit this slide to cater to your learning audience, simply edit the course content, imagery, branding, or slide template. 

Training module template #5 – Pallets, Racks and Stacking Safety

Overall course goal: This series of lessons addresses warehouse safety by teaching how to stack, rack, and handle pallets properly. The Pallets, Racks and Stacking Safety course can be found in EdApp’s editable course library, under the Manufacturing category.

Why I chose it: Gamification can be used with most material, even if the content may seem “dry” or serious. The goal is not to make it “funny”, but adding an element of fun motivates learners. 

Training Module Template - Pallets Racks and Stacking Safety

Example from the course: True or False one type of learning game. A world-class learning management system such as EdApp will offer you a variety of gamification options.

Training module template #6 – The Art of Bussing

Overall course goal: The Art of Bussing increases the professional skills of restaurant bussers, including interpersonal relations with guests.

Training Module Template - The Art of Bussing

Why I chose it: Hospitality venues typically have an industry standard when it comes to things like cleanliness and organization. The same can be said for roles in terms of basic practices and responsibilities. Every venue is different, however, which is why easily making real-time edits in EdApp’s course is extremely beneficial. If bussers at your bar or restaurant are also expected to complete other tasks, these can easily be added in.

Example from the course: In the slide above, EdApp’s “Scratch to Reveal” template is displayed learners need to interact with the slide by ‘scratching’ away the top image to reveal another one with new information underneath. Interacting with training content through touch has proven to promote active learning because the learner is present and engaged which results in the concepts being absorbed and the likelihood of retention is increased.

Training module template #7 – Customer Service: Handling Complaints

Overall course goal: Geared for any organization that is public or customer-facing, Customer Service: Handling Complaints will give your teams the ability to turn negative customer complaints into a positive customer experience.
Any service industry is going to get negative feedback, but these lessons teach how to handle it as effectively as possible.

Training Module Template - Handling complaints

Why I chose it: Self-checks along the way reinforce the content and give trainees a sense of satisfaction about how much they have learned. 

Example from the course: In the slide above, learners need to reorder the steps to review and self-check previously presented material. EdApp’s Reorder template can be used to reinforce a timeline, the results of a survey, the best selling products, and more.

Training module template #8 – Benefits of Corporate Team Building 

Overall course goal: We know how important effective teams are. Benefits of Corporate Team Building gives 7 benefits to encourage organizations to put team building into active practice.

Training Module Template - Benefits of Corporate Team Building

Why I chose it: All engaging content, including graphics and gamification etc. is not worth anything if your trainees don’t show evidence of learning. At some point, you are going to need to test them on their knowledge.

Example from the course: Course completion is not just clicking and swiping. It is also demonstrating mastery of the material. The EdApp LMS offers you the ability to create a test, including organization of completion settings as required.

Training module template #9 – People Enabler

Overall course goal: The People Enabler course is ideal for any team leads or managers to learn how to unite people around common goals.

Training Module Template - People Enabler

Why I chose it: The visuals. Our learners may be adults, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like animations. Movement captures attention and facilitates learning.

Example from the course: The best way to show you animations is when they are moving, right? EdApp hosts a variety of videos, gifs, and images to help take your training to the next level. The award-winning platform also hosts a unique Canva integration where you can choose from millions of ready-made graphics or create your own.

Training module template #10 – Effective E-mail Communications

Overall course goal: Effective E-mail Communications covers best practices and tips to raise the communicative level of your organization’s emails.

Training Module Template - E-mail Communication

Why I chose it: Spaced Repetition is a method of practicing repeat learning over time. The benefits of this include stronger memory formation due to principles of forgetting and receiving. EdApp put this theory into practice via Brain Boost. 

Training Module Template - Brain Boost spaced repetition

Example from the course: As you can see in the image above, the course author has chosen 6 slides for spaced repetition. Note that the slides are from 3 different lessons within the course. Once the relevant lesson is completed, the spaced repetition for that slide will automatically kick in. 

Be honest…at the start of this article, did you think there would be so much variety?

Probably not…and that’s to be expected. Until you really work with a top-level learning management system such as EdApp, it is difficult to understand the rich world of material and authoring options on offer.

Of course, now that you have, it would (no doubt) make sense to get started yourself – for free.