10 Test Making Software

10 Free Test Making Software

Online test makers are gaining popularity due to the convenience of delivery and ease of use. Not only do you save time and resources when compared to traditional pen and paper testing, but the reach is also much wider as it is conducted online.

Administering quizzes is a vital part of learning and it is a way of knowing if the learners actually picked up a thing or two from their training. Knowledge gaps can then be identified and appropriate actions can be taken to close the said gaps. Ultimately, testing your teams with these learning tools will increase knowledge retention and reinforce learning.

Here are 10 test making software you can try when creating tests for your teams:

1. EdApp

If you want to create quizzes effortlessly and still produce great content with good graphics and display then EdApp microlearning platform might interest you. EdApp’s Rapid Refresh is the learning management system’s feature that is solely dedicated to test-making. It is designed to make online test creation easier, faster, and more efficient for busy educators and instructors. With their easy-to-complete spreadsheet, you can transfer your questions and it will automatically be transformed into a test, ready to be delivered. It can also be deployed for big teams so it is a time saver for those in large organizations who want to create interactive quizzes digitally. Refresher training assessment is now made interesting and convenient for both instructors and learners alike.

Test Making Software - EdApp

Gamification is a method that EdApp uses to make information absorption highly effective for learners. With its selection of interactive gamified templates, it makes learning and quiz assessments a lot more engaging than traditional learning content. It has a completion rate of over 90% due to its bite-sized reinforced content and interactive nature. Surely, when it comes to knowledge retention and microlearning, EdApp can cater to your learning needs.


  • Highly customizable 50+ microlearning templates
  • Diverse gamification question templates
  • In-app branding supported
  • Automated quiz delivery at regular intervals
  • 100+ language translation with a cloud-based translation tool
  • Compatible with most devices with optimized display scaling
  • Rewards and leaderboards
  • Completion certificates
  • Analytics

Cost: Free

2. EasyTestMaker

EasyTestMaker is free quiz software that helps educators make their quizzes digitally. You can easily choose test items to present from the question pool.. But do note that there is a 25 test limit for the free version.

Test Making Software - EasyTestMaker


  • Test format: Multiple choice, fill in the blank, matching type, short answer, true or false
  • Shuffled questions option
  • Automatically graded tests
  • PDF and word export
  • Reports

Cost: Free, paid plans

3. FreeOnlineSurveys

FreeOnlineSurveys is a free test making software that offers unlimited test-making with up to 1000 responses accepted. There is a paid plan equivalent for upgraded features that you can find on KwikSurveys.

Software for Creating Test - FreeOnlineSurveys


  • Question types: Multiple choice, date or time, open-ended, multi-factor, ranking order, picture choice, split testing
  • Customizable templates
  • Quiz samples
  • Automatic scoring 

Cost: Free

4. Proprofs

Proprofs is a training platform that has free online testing software. There are over 100,000 readily available questions you can use.

Exam Maker Software - ProProfs


  • Test types: Multiple choice, matching, fill in the blank, essay
  • Customizable quiz templates
  • Quiz branding
  • Completion Certificate
  • Reports

Cost: Free basic plan, paid plans

5. Quizlet

Quizlet is a free test making software that is widely known for its signature flashcard format. Users continually contribute to the public library of the platform so several study sets for different topics are accessible.

Exam Making Software - Quizlet


  • Question types: Identification, multiple choice, spelling
  • Several study sets readily available
  • Flashcard format
  • Gamified test mode
  • Audio function for auditory learners

Cost: Free

6. Riddle

Riddle is a free test making software that is promoted for marketing and generating leads. Saving collected data for quiz leads is made easy with their report and analytics option. 

Test Creation Software - Riddle


  • 15 quiz templates
  • Customizable, in-app branding
  • Can be published anywhere
  • GDPR-compliant 
  • Analytics

Cost: Free demo, paid plans

7. ClassMarker

ClassMarker is a free test making software that does not require software installation. You can save questions to your question bank, which you can reuse anytime.

Test Maker Software - ClassMarker


  • Test types: Surveys, quizzes, forms
  • Test template customization
  • Quiz branding
  • Completion certificate
  • Analytics

Cost: Free basic plan, paid plans

8. Quiz Maker

Quiz Maker is a simple free online test maker with 19 question types available. The platform is easy to use with its basic features and interface.

Software for Creating Online Test - Quiz Maker


  • Test types: Trivia, personality, graded, survey, polls
  • Customizable themed templates
  • Timed quizzes
  • Leaderboards
  • Completion Certificate

Cost: Free, paid plans

9. Kahoot!

Kahoot! is an interactive game-based test making software that is playable online with multiple users in real-time. This is usually used in synchronous learning where active participation of learners is highly encouraged. Self-paced asynchronous session is also available, albeit not often used.

Test Making Software - Kahoot!


  • Game format
  • 50M+ public games available
  • Customizable template
  • Private rooms for assigned learners
  • Host games for 3-10 players
  • Reports

Cost:  Free, paid plans

10. Typeform

Typeform is an easy-to-use online quiz maker, with no coding background needed. For the free version, it is limited to 3 forms with 10 question items and up to 100 allowable responses per month. This platform can be integrated with several applications such as Canva, Slack, Google Drive, Hubspot, and many more.

Software For Creating Test - TypeForm


  • Test templates: Surveys, lead generation, poll, marketing, HR, etc.
  • Customizable templates
  • Great color selection and themes
  • Shareable reports & analytics

Cost: Free, paid plans

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