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10 Free Sales Coaching Software

Implementing sales coaching and training doesn’t have to be costly and time-consuming – thanks to the rapid rise of sales coaching software. Your sales reps no longer have to take time out from their busy schedules or even attend week-long coaching sessions to refine their sales skills. Even when they’re travelling to meet their prospect clients and customers, they can always learn on the go. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best sales coaching software available on the market. We’ll focus on their key features and benefits to help you find which one is right for your team.

1. EdApp

Most industry experts and coaching managers will agree that EdApp is currently one of the best sales coaching software available today. This tool is packed with a range of powerful features that can help you coach your new hires and provide continuous training support for your existing sales team without going through a stressful and time-consuming process and sales cycle. 

Sales Coaching Software - EdApp

One of the most significant advantages of this software is that you will no longer have to produce all your coaching materials from scratch. EdApp features an expansive content library containing mobile-friendly sales training courses that you can deploy right away to your teams. There are microlearning courses for improving your sales forecast, closing an enterprise deal, increasing sales through pleasant interactions, generating leads through cold calls, and so many more. And the good news is that these courses are free and fully editable. With the help of EdApp’s built-in authoring tool, you can add your logo and branding, or even tweak the content to apply your own expertise on sales techniques and best practices specific to your business. 

Sales Coaching Software - EdApp Sales Library

To boost your coaching initiatives, you can also explore the Discussion and Assignments feature of this LMS software. This innovative feature delivers instant coaching and mentoring opportunities and also allows learners to collaborate and learn from their peers. Topics can be discussed in a conversation-like forum to express areas that may require extra clarification to master important bits of information. 

Sales Coaching Software - EdApp Discussion

  • Cost: Free
  • Key features: Expansive content library with mobile-friendly and editable sales training courses, built-in authoring tool, discussion and assignments, peer learning

2. Skillshare

Another excellent coaching software we have on this list is Skillshare, which takes pride in its expansive collection of educational videos, live and pre-recorded by industry experts and professionals. Here, your sales team can learn a range of different sales skills and techniques by attending video lectures that last anywhere from a few minutes to many hours. Among the sales coaching lessons that they offer include The Basics of Sourcing and Sales for Entrepreneurs, Sales Essentials for Sales Professionals, Creating High Converting Sales Funnel through Facebook Ads, and so much more. 

Sales Coaching Software - Skillshare

Take note, however, the Skillshare only works on a subscription basis, meaning you’ll have to pay a monthly fee to gain access to their courses. 

  • Cost: Paid plans
  • Key features: Expansive collection of educational videos, live and pre-recorded sales coaching lessons

3. uQualio

If you’re looking for an all-in-one software where you can build and manage sales courses without the need to jump from one tool to another, uQualio is one of your premium choices. This tool acts as a centralized platform where you can create courses from scratch, upload and edit videos, manage course deployment and structure, and even communicate directly with your sales team. It also facilitates a sales training toolbox where you can outline and store your sales methods, sales process, and sales strategies that your team can follow to achieve maximum results. You can also edit all your resources in real-time, giving you peace of mind that your sales team is always up to date with the latest tools, trends, and strategies, as well as the changes to your department, organization, or product. 

Sales Coaching Software - uQualio

While uQualio has no free version, its pricing plans are relatively reasonable. For only $89 USD per month, you can already coach up to 50 team members with as many Admin users as you like.

  • Cost: Paid plans
  • Key features: Course creation, upload and edit video lessons, manage course deployment and structure, in-built communication system, sales training toolbox

4. MindTickle

MindTickle is primarily focused on providing sales training managers with a user-friendly space where they can seamlessly onboard and track their new hires, as well as train and manage their existing sales team. Here, you are equipped with the right coaching tools and rubrics that can help you connect and engage effectively with your workforces and close the gaps in their knowledge, skills, and field execution for higher quota attainment. You can improve their selling and communication skills through online coaching, virtual role-plays, simulated sales scenarios, or even AI-based feedback, making sure that they are fully skilled and knowledgeable for any sales situation.

Sales Coaching Software - Mindtickle

If you don’t have enough resources on hand, you can also jump-start your sales coaching with their downloadable Quick Start Kits. They offer instructional guides on Field Communications, Remote Coaching, Sales Onboarding, and Virtual Sales Kickoff. 

  • Cost: Paid plans
  • Key features: Engagement tools and rubrics, online coaching, virtual role-plays, simulated sales scenarios, AI-based feedback, Quick Start Kits 


Another go-to-market sales coaching software in this list is none other than It serves as a conversation intelligence platform that analyzes the sales performance of your sales reps from their meeting and delivers data-driven results that will show you the winning strategies and methods that your team should embrace. You can use these insights to hone the content of your sales training and coaching initiatives to boost your team’s win rates and increase sales. 

Sales Coaching Software - Chorus ai

The only downside with this tool is that it lacks other features that can help level up your sales training, like authoring tools or course management. Plus, has no free version, so you will have to pay a subscription fee to access its tools and features.

  • Cost: Paid plans
  • Key features: Sales calls and meeting analysis, insights can be used to hone the content of your sales training and coaching

6. FutureLearn

FutureLearn has consistently received high levels of engagement from sales representatives looking for a coaching platform with high-quality online courses and programs that can advance their sales skills and help them win more deals. Their sales courses are proven to be effective and credible, as they are mostly put together by leading educational institutions and industry experts across the globe. Among their top sales courses include Customer Engagement for Sales, Master Digital Marketing, Understanding the Profit and Loss Statement, and more. 

Sales Coaching Software - FutureLearn

FutureLearn supports asynchronous or self-paced learning, meaning learners can complete their sales courses as quickly or slowly as they like. Plus, they can also directly interact with other learners or join conversion by liking or replying to their comments, driving peer-to-peer learning and collaboration. 

Some FutureLearn courses are free, although learners will only have up to five weeks to finish them. To extend your access, you will have to pay an upgrade fee. You can also get unlimited access to hundreds of their online short courses with their Unlimited Plan, which costs $279.99 USD a year.

  • Cost: Free and paid plans
  • Key features: Sales courses by leading educational institutions and industry experts, asynchronous or self-paced learning, peer-to-peer learning

7. Alison

Over the years, Alison has managed to maintain partnerships with universities, foundations, and industry-leading companies and experts to bring thousands of online courses that are free, flexible, and fun. Some of the most recommended sales coaching courses they offer include Sales Territories and Distribution Management, Fundamentals of Sales Management, Competitive Sales Techniques and Strategies, and Fundamentals of the Sales Funnels, which are all structured into manageable chunks for higher retention rates. And the best part? They can be accessed and completed anytime and anywhere using almost any device, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Sales Coaching Software - Alison

Just a heads up that Alison courses frequently contain advertisements, which can be very distracting, especially if you are trying to focus on your learning. You can have them removed, however, by paying €7.99 per month.

  • Cost: Free and paid plans
  • Key features: Sales courses that are free, short, and manageable, mobile compatibility

8. ELearning Brothers

ELearning Brothers gained its popularity due to its powerful authoring tools. Not only can you create interactive sales coaching courses, but you can also implement VR training and embed some immersive real-life scenarios to improve their verbal and sales skills. This learning technique is helpful particularly for onboarding new hires, eliminating the need to ask another sales staff, which probably has deadlines to catch up to, to train with them. 

Sales Coaching Software - Elearning Brothers

When you’re short on time and resources, this learning software also offers a range of pre-built sales courses that are ready for immediate deployment. They cover broad topics essential to selling, like customer service, negotiation skills, closing sales, sales presentations, and more. 

  • Cost: Paid Plans
  • Key Features: Content authoring tools, VR training, pre-built sales courses

9. Action Selling

Action Selling can help overcome a weak sales culture with its self-paced online sales courses, which are mostly focused on improving the three most critical factors that make up a winning sales team: product knowledge, selling techniques, and competitive mindset. Here, learning takes place through a series of video examples, eLearning modules and books, interactive quizzes, and certification assessments. Most of these training materials are also designed with an exclusive open architecture, where you can add your unique selling situations, products, and custom settings. If needed, you may also approach them about co-branding their online courses to fit your company’s goals.

Sales Coaching Software - Action Selling

  • Cost: Paid plans
  • Key Features: Online sales training courses, video examples, eLearning modules and books, interactive quizzes, certification assessment, customized training 

10. MTD Sales Training

MTD Sales Training is also a great place to receive quality and impactful sales coaching that will help drive better business results. Since 2001, this team has already coached sales teams from over 9,000 organizations from different sectors, which validates the competency and effectiveness of their sales training solutions. Their specialty includes online selling skills coaching, virtual sales training webinars, and elearning solutions, which you and your people can take anywhere, be it in the office or at home. They also host online sales training programs that are usually modular in nature and last a few months. 

Sales Coaching Software - MTD Sales Training

They don’t have an authoring tool to help you create bespoke sales training and coaching, but they do have a team that can assist you in designing the perfect program based on your requirements.

  • Cost: Paid plans
  • Key Features: Online selling skills courses, virtual sales training webinars, elearning solutions, modular sales training programs

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