10 Online Training Platforms

10 Free Online Training Platforms

There are many reasons why training consultants are now shifting to online training from traditional learning. First, online training gives you the ultimate flexibility to train and learn anytime and anywhere. It’s also much less expensive than hosting a seminar or conference since you no longer need to book a venue and pay for a sound system or screen projectors. Online training has become even more relevant today when everyone was forced to work remotely due to COVID-19.

But to successfully implement your online training, you need an online training platform that will help you manage your courses and track your employees’ learning progress. There’s no need to spend hours doing your research. We’ve collected the 10 best online training systems along with their key features so you can find the tool that best suits your needs and preferences. Scroll down to learn more.

1. EdApp

EdApp is currently at the forefront of its competition, being the best online training platform in the market today. With its flexible and adaptive learning tools, it’s easy for training managers to deploy and manage online training courses.

Among its key features is its template-driven authoring tool, which anyone can use to build beautiful, interactive course content, even without any technical expertise. It is so simple and intuitive that all you need to do is choose the best e learning template that fits your training objectives and simply copy and paste your content. You can also directly add any relevant news and updates in just minutes and not days. 

Online Training Platform - EdApp



EdApp also takes pride in its wide range of comprehensive microlearning courses authored by some of the most reputable brands and well-thought leaders, like Pernod Ricard, Marley Spoon, UNITAR, and more. The lessons are structured in easy, digestible small pieces to keep the learning retention of your busy employees at higher levels.

Online Training Platform - EdApp Course

What’s more, this online training platform is built with an advanced analytics suite that helps you track the learning progress of your employees. You can monitor how many people have unlocked and completed their training, as well as determine how often they use the app.

  • Cost: Free
  • Highlights: Template-driven authoring tool, comprehensive microlearning courses, advanced analytics suite

2. GoToTraining

GoToTraining is known for its unique and engaging tools that transform an otherwise boring and demotivating experience. From registration to content sharing, tests and polls, it has the simplest solutions guiding you before, during, and after training sessions.

Online Training Platform - GoToTraining

Before you start to build your training, you can use this platform to create custom registrations with tailored questions. From there, you can use the data to understand your learners’ needs and preferences and then decide and create the best training courses that will work best for them. As for the content sharing, you may opt to send your course catalogs for self-paced learning, or you may also host an online conferencing to ensure direct communication with your team. After each session, detailed reporting on attendance and training progress will be available to help you check the effectiveness of your program and the knowledge retention of your participants.

  • Cost: $109.00 USD per month
  • Highlights: Custom registration, self-paced content sharing, online conferencing, detailed reporting

3. LearnWorlds

Making your information more engaging and interactive, rather than providing them a static module created in a PDF file or PowerPoint presentation, is a great way to capture your learners’ attention. This strategy is not only possible but easily attainable with LearnWorlds. Just write your content once and use this platform’s eye-catching themes and styles to turn it into a nice-looking online course that your learners will surely enjoy. You can also combine your lessons with self-improvement quizzes, formal tests, and assignments to drive their confidence and boost learning retention. 

Online Training Platform - LearnWorlds

If needed, you can create a beautiful course player and schedule the delivery of these training materials with ease. To improve their scanning and reading, this platform also allows casual reading with note taking and highlighting. 

  • Cost: Pricing starts at $24 USD per month
  • Highlights: Course building with eye-catching templates, quizzes, tests, assignments, beautiful course player with note taking and highlighting

4. Ruzuku

Another great platform to consider is Ruzuku, built with a powerful yet clean and user-friendly interface that allows you to create and run great online courses without overwhelming designing tools and options. They are all yours to edit – you can customize the design to fit your brand and incorporate content suited to your students’ learning objectives. If needed, you can also add PDFs, Word, PPT, and other files to your course content and make them downloadable for self-paced learning. 

Online Training Platform - Ruzuku

But it’s not just limited to course creation and deployment. Ruzuku’s course health feature also allows you to keep track of your team’s learning progress, including activity completion and any queries or comments they may have about their courses. Any updates made by participants will be sent to you automatically via email.

  • Cost: Pricing starts at $74.75 USD per month
  • Highlights: Custom registration, self-paced content sharing, online conferencing, detailed reporting

5. Arlo

Arlo is an automated training platform that can help simplify and automate your workforce training initiative. Here, you can create and deliver blended learning courses and online modules, store training resources, and automatically schedule and run live webinars. Discussion forums, assignments, and quizzes can also be activated to increase engagement and productivity from the learners’ side. 

Online Training Platform - Arlo

Unfortunately, Arlo only works through a monthly paid subscription. Users, however, are allowed to try all its key features for 14 days, all free with no credit card needed. 

  • Cost: Pricing starts at $ 79 USD per month
  • Highlights: Simplified training management, cloud storage, automated schedule, live webinars, discussion forums, assignments, and quizzes

6. Trainual

Onboarding and training employees have never been quick and easy with Trainual. This online learning platform has more than 150+ pre-built templates universal to different business industries, like a sales handbook, hiring checklist, orientation outline, and so many more. It also offers 30+ free Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) templates that you can use to document your organization’s policies and procedures. All you need to do is a little adjusting to ensure that the content fits the internal tasks and processes you have at your company. 

Online Training Platform - Trainual

Although optional, you may also opt to store and organize your useful documents in Trainual’s library section. This way, all courses will be easily accessible, searchable, and trackable by users anytime needed. 

  • Cost: $99 USD per month
  • Highlights: 150+ universal templates, 30+ SOP templates, library section

7. EasyWebinar

EasyWebinar is focused on providing a hassle-free platform for training managers who believe in the power of webinar training and remote conferences. There are no delays or buffering, just pixel-perfect, high-quality communication with your team. Screen recording and archiving are also enabled, allowing your learners to view and watch the video content even after the live webinar has already concluded. 

Online Training Platform - EasyWebinar

While it works like your regular Zoom account, this platform allows up to four hosts and moderators at a time. There are also multiple packages available where you will benefit from a few engagement tools, detailed webinar analytics, and live streaming on Facebook or Youtube.

  • Cost: Pricing starts at $78 USD per month
  • Highlights: High-quality streaming, screen recording and archiving, multiple presenters, detailed webinar analytics, Facebook or Youtube streaming

8. CreateLMS

CreateLMS is another great online training platform that you can use to onboard your new employees faster and train your employees more efficiently, all without breaking the bank. With its advanced course builder tool and skills assessment tool, you can create and manage elearning courses and assessments, webinar, blended training, all with ease. The best part? You can also keep your team engaged by mixing these formats – instructor-led training and assessments with self-paced courses or video and PPT with quizzes. To save yourself from the burden of building your training programs, feel free to grab some of their ready-made courses developed by their content partners and directly deploy them to your team. 

Online Training Platform - CreateLMS

Perhaps you have bandwidth issues hindering your online training? Worry not, this platform got you covered. Thanks to its Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution, users can store, archive, and access all training content in one centralized location even without the use of a internet gateway.

  • Cost: $12 USD/user per year
  • Highlights: Course builder, ready-made courses, Network Attached Storage (NAS)

9. Degreed

Another versatile online training platform is Degreed, designed to provide a fluid skill-development experience for small and large-scale organizations. It integrates all learning materials that your workforce needs to grow and upskill – online courses, videos, podcasts, news, and blog articles. And by using its real-time data on each employee’s unique strengths and interests, these resources will automatically find the right team who needs them the most. 

Online Training Platform - Degreed

Another bonus feature is that you can also use this platform to reach your channel partners and external audiences and deliver these learning materials. This way, you can rest at ease knowing that their knowledge and skills are also in sync with your company’s vision and objectives.  

  • Cost: Pricing available upon request
  • Highlights: Wide range of learning materials in different formats, real-time data insights, automatic deployment, resources extended to external audiences

10. Kajabi

If you are looking for an online tool that can help you develop online training courses while also making money out of them, then Kajabi is among your premium choices. There are so many things that you can do with this platform. Thanks to its smart yet easy-to-use product generator, it’s easy to build polished, profitable digital courses and launch them out into the market fast. You can also create membership sites where you can provide more exclusive content for your target audience. Forget about the hassles of worrying about coding or programming. All the tech issues are covered by Kajabi so that you can just focus on growing your business. 

Online Training Platform - Kajabi

This tool also hosts its very own Kajabi University where you can find a range of training courses, although they are intended mostly for digital entrepreneurs.

  • Cost: $109.00 USD per month
  • Highlights: Custom registration, self-paced content sharing, online conferencing, detailed reporting

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