10 Learning experience platforms

10 Learning Experience Platforms


A learning experience platform (XLP) provides a personalized, social, online learning experience for users. XLPs users typically consist of employees at large enterprises, where they have a holistic learning experience from one singular platform. Read on to discover the top 10 learning experience platforms (LXPs) below.

Learning Experience Platform #1 – EdApp

EdApp earns the #1 spot on our top ten list of LXPs.  It is definitely changing the way the world learns at work.  Its unique platform and engaging features provide the tools necessary to accomplish the goals of any LXP – drive employee engagement to assist employees in finding relevant content at the right time.  As an HR or L & D manager, you won’t have any problem finding courses in the thoroughly curated and editable course library.

EdApp Learning experience platform

Employees and managers alike will appreciate the unique mobile learning interface that allows courses to be completed on the go.  Furthermore, EdApp’s unique features help trainees do more than just complete the courses – interactive content with elements of gamification throughout equates to meaningful engagement.

EdApp learning experience platform

Do you want employees to complete training that is personalized for your company?  The authoring tool offers PowerPoint conversion, Canva integration, and customizable templates, to name a few. From Food Handling to Safety Procedures, EdApp offers courses to reach employees in many different industries. And push notifications mean that employees will get friendly reminders of what fun learning experiences await them.

Learning Experience Platform #2 – 360Learning

Collaborative learning is utilized to empower learning and development through the LXP 360Learning.  There are diverse collaborative tools that make it possible to train new employees, custom-facing teams, and to develop professional skills.  While there are some authoring tools available, there is no PowerPoint importation.  All in all, this LXP has successfully worked with hundreds of top companies to drive culture and growth within their workforce.  With the goal of learning together, they strive to help teams grow together.

Learning Experience Platform 360Learning

Learning Experience Platform #3 – Axonify

Axonify is a modern learning solution that requires transitioning from a traditional blended learning solution used with frontline systems.  This process can be difficult to navigate to from another platform, but once the transition is complete, users will be able to learn using fun, fast-paced, personalized experiences.  Frontline employees have expressed great satisfaction with the AI-powered platform that makes microlearning meaningful and impactful on business results.  Brain science is utilized to generate long-term retention of training content.  For this reason, Axonify earns the #3 spot on this list of top 10 learning experience platforms.

Learning Experience Platform Axonify

Learning Experience Platform #4 – Auzmor Learn

Auzmor Learn is the #4 LXP with a robust learning management solution that makes assigning and tracking employee progress a breeze.  There is an intuitive course builder that simplifies content creation.  Its growth status provides some limitations and earns it the title of developing LMS; nonetheless, new features are being released frequently.  HR and L & D leaders will appreciate the built-in notifications, library courses, and communication tools that help establish why Auzmor Learner has success in supporting a business’ learning needs.

Auzmor Learn Learning Experience Platform


Learning Experience Platform #5 – Tovuti LMS

Tovuti LMS is a cloud-based LMS platform that provides the tools needed to generate, deliver, and manage eLearning programs.  Easy customization, interactive assessments, and certification are some of Tovuti’s most distinguishable features.  With a  flexible workspace, employees may be able to overlook the time investment required to understand some of the platform’s features.  Meanwhile, it does offer many microlearning path options to make the training purposeful.  Integrations include an open API, Single Sign-On capabilities, and a Zapier integration to make cross-platform communication easier.

Tovuti Learning Experience Platform

Learning Experience Platform #6 – Bridge

Bridge combines learning and performing management to yield a unified training experience.  Whether you are looking for career development or engagement measurement, Bridge works to meet your training needs. Remote workers are able to stay connected via virtual training and career development plans. HR or L&D professionals can author their own courses using the intuitive system.  Some users did express frustration with the ability to track users’ comments, thereby earning it the #6 spot on this list of top 10 learning experience platforms.

Learning Experience Platform Bridge

Learning Experience Platform #7 – Degreed

Are you seeking a way to provide your employees with resources that will help them learn and grow in one place?  Degreed is a computer based training tool that has an abundance of courses, videos, books, articles, and podcasts to facilitate discovery and learning for the future.  Some users find the navigation back and forth between the course and the main page tedious.  Other users were confused about when they finished a course because it does not say its 100% done, requiring users to wait on an email confirming their completion.  In other features, course reminders and access to learning materials within one’s department were highly favored.

Learning Experience Platform Degreed

Learning Experience Platform #8 – Learn Amp

Learn Amp provides training solutions for businesses of all sizes.  Combining LMS and LXP, this learning experience platform uses pulse and feedback surveys into one unique platform.  There are also check-ins and review options.  Organizations can choose to start simple and then upgrade based on your unique demographics and goals.  Search results may prove tedious as some users found that the system was based more on suggestions rather than storing preferred search options.

Learning Experience Platform Learn Amp

Learning Experience Platform #9 Coursera

At the number 9 spot for top LXPs, we have Coursera.  This corporate e learning solution helps businesses provide competitive training with in-depth content and reputable certifications.  Rather than offering a user-friendly team option, the multiperson function can be a bit confusing.  There are flexible options built in that let users complete courses in the comfort of their homes.  Progress tracking tools are also included to help keep employees progressing towards completion.

Learning Experience Platform Coursera

Learning Experience Platform #10 Rallyware

The Rallyware Performance Enablement Platform is a great LXP platform for large organizations but may prove ineffective for smaller entities.  With built-in translation features, Rallyware has helped train employees all over the world.  There is a data-driven onboarding experience that delivers clear ROI.  Customizable engagement programs and social learning are additional features that make this LXP worthy of mention on our top ten list.  We definitely cannot skip the collaborative tools that facilitate knowledge sharing to encourage members to collaborate with team members throughout your business.