Top 10 interactive training software

Top 10 interactive training software

What Is Interactive Training Software?

To make learning as engaging as possible, it is good for it to be interactive. Interactivity keeps learners from getting tired of lessons in which content is continually delivered, but learners are never given a chance to respond. Giving learners opportunities for feedback is essential in making sure they retain the content.

There are a lot of ways that training software can be interactive. Some ways to drop in interactivity include using videos with comprehension questions, adding surveys, or including games.

In this article, we will examine ten of the best pieces of interactive training software. We will see how each example of training software uses interactivity to keep learners excited about learning.

Interactive Training Software #1 – EdApp

The top platform for interactive training software is EdApp. This industry-leading learning management system (LMS) makes it easy to engage learners with all the various options it has.

What makes EdApp so easy to add interactivity is due to the ease of use of its authoring tool. Interactive elements can simply be dragged into a lesson from a list of components. Once in the lesson, customizing each element is simply a matter of changing a few values.

One example of interactivity comes through in how EdApp implements gamification. Several prebuilt games, such as jeopardy, can easily be added. Further, a leaderboard for each lesson gamifies the whole course.

Other examples of interactivity come from EdApp’s social learning support. Learners can interact with each other through EdApp’s Discussion feature and also interact in forums.

All of these features help keep learners using the EdApp platform engaged, and that results in better learning results.

Interactive Training Software - EdApp

Interactive Training Software #2 – 360 Learning

Another candidate for top interactive training software is 360 Learning. This platform brings interactivity by allowing for new levels of collaboration between participants.

Content can be drawn in from anywhere and both the course creator and learners can collaborate together in a shared online space. Discussion forums allow learners to ask and answer questions, which leads to peer-based learning that can be quite effective.

Interactive training software - 360 Learning

Interactive Training Software #3 – Stream LXP

Another training platform that delivers on interactivity is Stream LXP. This software, like the previous one, puts a lot of emphasis on collaboration. They attempt to engage learning through social, gamified content.

Interactivity also comes from Stream LXP’s bot which can inject learning events directly into a learner’s curriculum. That process can break up the monotony of a regular curriculum.

Interactive training software - Stream LXP

Interactive Training Software #4 – HSI

HSI is also a platform that is defined by its interactive training platform. They use creative training techniques like storytelling to help learners retain what they have learned.

These stories are interactive that learners can explore on their own as they learn. They also make use of computer graphics to add to the imagination.

Interactive training software - HSI

Interactive Training Software #5 – Userlane

Another LMS with interactivity is Userlane. This uses interactive guides to help learners comprehend their objectives.

A task-based curriculum lets learners focus on completing assignments rather than just following instructions. It leads to an organic learning experience where employees learn through daily microlearning activities.

Interactive training software - Userlane

Interactive Training Software #6 – Newired

Newired is another example of interactive training software. Their focus is to empower learners to take control of their training by getting rid of old, static ways of learning and instead use dynamic methods with contextual, in-place guidance.

Newired’s digital onboarding and training supports learners’ digital adoption and makes the process more enjoyable. This increased interest in training helps the learners and stakeholders achieve their goals.

Interactive training software - Newired

Interactive Training Software #7 – Trivie

If you are still looking for another LMS with interactive training, Trivie is also an option. Firstly, it uses adaptive learning to personalize lessons for each individual. That makes learning more interactive because the right content is delivered exactly when it is needed.

Another unique component that adds to interactivity is gamified microlearning. This lets a course author quickly create games and deploy them as microlearning games to employees.

Interactive training software - Trivie

Interactive Training Software #8 – PlayerLync

Interactivity is also prevalent in training software from PlayerLync. The course creator can design lessons with interactivity in mind by annotating documents and videos. They can also use 360-degree video to create more immersive experiences.

For learners, they can enjoy the benefits of interactivity through PlayerLync’s collaboration tools. They can also put together activities in sequences.

Interactive training software - PlayerLync

Interactive Training Software #9 – Safety Skills

Safety Skills is another platform that should be considered when looking for interactive training software. They have over 700 interactive online safety training lessons.

Their courses are designed to be entertaining so that learners are more engaged during their lessons. They are also self-paced and use competency requirements to make sure trainees have successfully completed each lesson.

Interactive training software - Safety Skills

Interactive Training Software #10 – Nittio Learn

One more platform to consider that uses interactivity to engage learners is Nittio Learn. The authoring tool makes adding interactivity simple as you can add popups, hotspots, and other interactions. You can even add automated voice-overs.

Assessments are another component that can be made more engaging through interactivity. Visual assessments can be easily created such as matching, ordering, and visuals with voice-overs.

Interactive training software - Nittio Learn

Interactive Training Software in Conclusion

In this article, we looked at ten of the best platforms for interactive training software. We saw that there are all sorts of ways to make courses interactive, such as through adding animations and voice-overs to gamifying learning content. What are your experiences with interactivity in training software?