10 Emotional intelligence training courses

10 Emotional intelligence training courses

Let’s take a minute to better understand emotional intelligence by coming to a common definition and exploring whether it is something that can be taught or is just an innate skill.

Emotional Intelligence

A baseline definition of emotional intelligence is that it is the ability to manage one’s own emotions as well as the emotions of those around us. It is often divided into a few separate realms:

  • Emotional Awareness. This is the wherewithal to correctly identify one’s own emotions and be aware of their occurrences.
  • Emotional Regulation. This is the ability to regulate your emotions through techniques so that you control the emotion rather than the other way around. You can even harness the power of positive emotions to help you cope or gain an edge in a situation.
  • Emotional Empathy. This is the ability to sense the emotions of others, or what might be called nunchi. Being able to discern the mood of others lets you better formulate a solution to their issues.
  • Interpersonal Skills. Developing your emotional intelligence will lead to improved interpersonal skills such as collaboration, assertiveness, conflict resolution, and constructive leadership.

With these concepts laid out, let’s take a look at how emotional intelligence can be developed.

1. Handling Objections with Emotional Intelligence on EdApp

One very unique course for emotional intelligence is the Handling Objections with Emotional Intelligence course from EdApp. This course focuses on learning active listening, using body language, and managing emotions, all of which aim to improve your self-awareness. Not only will the learners know how to listen actively, but they will also know to properly communicate with others, may it be verbal or non-verbal. Trainers can also allow learners to access a certificate to show off their achievements after completing an Ed course.

Best Emotional Intelligence Training - Handling Objections with Emotional Intelligence on EdApp

The course is great for instructional designers because it is fully editable. You can log in with a free account and make your own changes to this course, and then let others try out your version.

EdApp also comes with all the features of an LMS, so you can do things like keep track of learners’ progress or make your own quizzes.

Additionally, there are several other courses you can use or edit that involve emotional intelligence. In particular, Modern Business Management is a course you should definitely check out.

2. Leadership and Emotional Intelligence on Coursera

Another place where you can improve your emotional intelligence competencies is on Coursera. Their course is called Leadership and Emotional Intelligence. This course focuses on collaboration and team-building. It’s a beginner-level course that leverages great storytelling to make the content compelling. Learners can also get certification after completing the course that they can share on LinkedIn and other sites. Like EdApp, it is free, however, you can’t customize the course to fit your needs.

Emotional Intelligence Certification - Leadership and Emotional Intelligence on Coursera

3. Emotional Intelligence -EQ – Practitioner Cert on Udemy

Another place where you can find emotional intelligence courses is Udemy. They offer several courses, one of which is called Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Practitioner Cert. This is a great course for those looking to climb the corporate ladder, as it is accredited. This is one of several courses by Udemy, and they cover all sorts of topics such as life-coaching, public speaking, social skills, listening skills, and neuro-linguistic programming. It’s a great program for those serious about the topic, but may be a little daunting for a casual learner.

Emotional Intelligence Training Course - Udemy

4. Empathy and Emotional Intelligence at Work on edX

Another course on emotional intelligence is edX’s Empathy and Emotional Intelligence at Work. This is another deep look into emotional intelligence that takes a research-first approach. It looks at the underlying causes of emotional intelligence from multiple perspectives, including biological and psychological. Like the Coursera course, this one is very academic that may not appeal to all learners. This course allows learners the opportunity to get certification through their paid version.

Emotional Intelligence Coaching Certification Program - Empathy and Emotional Intelligence at Work on edX

5. Developing Your Emotional Intelligence on LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning’s course Developing Your Emotional Intelligence is another detailed course on the topic. It can help you discover how you are triggered or hijacked due to your strengths and weaknesses, and teach you how to handle things. It’s a great course for personal development and self management. Learning how to handle your tone of voice and facial expressions when being emotionally overwhelmed is a soft skill training that is worth giving to your employees. Unlike many other courses, though, it requires a subscription to LinkedIn Learning, although the first month is free.

Free Emotional Intelligence Course - Developing Your Emotional Intelligence on LinkedIn Learning

6. Leading with Emotional Intelligence by Goleman El

Leading with Emotional Intelligence is a course offered by Goleman EI. It’s actually the second course in a 12-week bundle, with the first course being about building emotional intelligence competence. This second-level course focuses on conflict management, coaching, and influencing. While it is a very in-depth course, it also isn’t free like some of the other courses listed here.

Emotional Intelligence Practitioner - Leading with Emotional Intelligence by Goleman El

7. The Science of Emotional Intelligence on IHHP

Another course is The Science of Emotional Intelligence by the Institute of Health and Human Potential (IHHP). This course is tailored to corporate learners looking for ways on how to improve the emotional intelligence and positive attitude of their employees. Its goal is to deliver employees that can influence others, reach leadership goals, get along with their colleagues, and successfully navigate under pressure. One drawback is that the course is not self-paced, and only starts at certain times so time-management is a must.

Emotional Intelligence Course - The Science of Emotional Intelligence on IHHP

8. Emotional Intelligence at Work on Future Learn

Another option for a course on EQ is Emotional Intelligence at Work on the Future Learn platform. This elearning course looks at the origins of emotional intelligence and coves ways to measure it. It also covers how to apply EQ in organizational settings and how to perform emotional intelligence interventions.

Emotional Intelligence Training Course - Emotional Intelligence at Work on Future Learn

9. Emotional Intelligence Masterclass by Positive Psychology

Another option is the Emotional Intelligence Masterclass by Positive Psychology. This is a 6-module course that covers a wide variety of issues related to emotional intelligence. The courses consist of video recordings with accompanying practice books, exercises, and PowerPoint files. Unlike most other courses listed here, this one is not in an LMS, so there’s no tracking of the learner’s progress.

Emotional Intelligence Training Content - Emotional Intelligence Masterclass by Positive Psychology

10. Develop Your Emotional Intelligence on Alison

One last course to consider is called Develop Your Emotional Intelligence by Alison. This introductory course is also for career-minded people looking to improve their ability to command social situations. Knowing how to read cues is a sign of social awareness and social intelligence that is a valuable skill that employees should acquire. This is a free course, although it does require registering into the entire Alison system to take it.

Eq Course - Develop Your Emotional Intelligence on Alison

Emotional Intelligence Training

It may seem like emotions are hard-wired into who we are. However, like any other skill, emotional intelligence can be trained through practice. By developing tasks that ask learners to map out emotions in themselves and others, we can help them down the path to emotional well-being.

We can also incorporate role-play situations that allow learners to experiment with regulating their emotions. They can then reflect on their performance afterward to get a better understanding of how they handle these social situations.

In this article, we’ve discussed what emotional intelligence is and why emotional intelligence in the workplace is an essential thing that you can train for. Emotional intelligence is a term that has seen a lot of use lately. It is often cited as a necessary skill to succeed in the modern workforce where interpersonal relationships can have a big impact on your career. So, we must do what we can to better understand, empathize, and come to agreements with those around us. Hopefully, you will check out some of the courses above and see if they help you on your own journey towards emotional intelligence.

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