Best Sales Training Programs

The 15 Best Sales Training Programs for Your Company

As a sales leader, your priority is to invest in the skills and potential of your team that will result in closing more deals. To do this, you need a sales training program and a sales learning platform that will effectively engage your salespeople and help them retain key messages without bombarding your team with too much training information at once. 

Without an engaging sales training program, your salespeople won’t fully participate in your training initiatives – performance will remain stagnant and they won’t fully maximize their potential. To guide you in deciding the appropriate training tools and platforms, we’ve listed the top 10 best sales training programs for your company that will help you inspire better performance for your team and generate more revenue for the business.

1. EdApp

EdApp is an award-winning, free mobile training platform that provides innovative features designed to enhance knowledge retention, increase engagement, and ensure a higher course completion rate among your team. This Learning Management System (LMS) takes pride in its microlearning function that transforms your sales training materials into chunks of bite-sized, interactive lessons, making your sales techniques and key messages easier to digest for your team. As a mobile-first LMS, your team is given flexibility in completing training courses in just a couple of minutes at their own convenience.

Best Sales Training Programs For Your Company - EdApp Microlearning

If you’re starting from scratch, EdApp provides a free Editable Course Library where you can access and customize pre-made courses, designed by thought leaders and leading industry experts. You can also apply your own expertise on sales techniques and best practices specific to your business by creating business training courses using EdApp’s built-in authoring tool.

Best Sales Training Programs For Your Company - EdApp Course Library

This LMS’s other features such as leaderboards, real prizing, and gamification – that are proven to motivate learners and increase retention – allows you to leverage your salespeople’s competitive nature to further increase their engagement. With EdApp’s learning solutions, your sales training program which your team can perceive as another mundane work task becomes an enjoyable activity. 

Best Sales Training Programs For Your Company with Gamification

To get started with your employee training, you can import, edit, and deploy EdApp’s Closing a Deal course in just a few clicks. As a 3-part sales training program, it dives into modern strategies for closing, relationships with stakeholders, and how to close a deal during Covid-19.


  • Microlearning function
  • Mobile-first learning platform for learners
  • Free editable course library
  • Built-in authoring tool that includes 50+ intuitively designed interactive templates, such as multiple-choice, in-app gamification, conceptual formats, surveys, etc.
  • Powerpoint conversion (PPT) into interactive, mobile-friendly lessons
  • Access to millions of images and graphics in designing courses with Canva integration
  • Gamification & leaderboards
  • Social learning: Discussions, assignments, virtual classrooms, and peer learning
  • Automatically-generated spaced repetition reinforces learning through Brain Boost feature
  • Real reward mechanisms, such as digital vouchers
  • Custom push notifications for new courses or reminders in completing existing ones
  • Cloud-based translation tool that translates courses into 100+ languages in just a few minutes
  • User and course management system that gives administrators full control and flexibility in the delivery of content to learners
  • Learning metrics dashboard & reporting
  • Offline mode

Cost: Free

EdApp is a free LMS that has – on average – an 80% course completion rate. Learn more about how you can use EdApp to create the best sales training program for your team by signing up for free!

2. Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie is a professional sales and training development solutions provider whose training program follows a deliberate approach that includes 5 key components in creating training programs: Input, Awareness, Experience, Sustainment, and Output. This methodology creates a continuous learning path for learners that supports skills development, behavior improvement, and emotional shift that will empower your salespeople throughout the sales process. The training programs are delivered through in-person and live online courses. 

Best Sales Training Programs For Your Company - CarnegieFeatures:

  • In-person training sessions
  • Live online courses
  • Dale Carnegie Unlimited: Live online subscription with access to 100+ hours of live online skill development courses
  • Dale Carnegie Unlimited: Subscriptions, certificates, and badging
  • eVolve Digital Learning & Collaboration: On-demand training, awards, badges, certifications, online classroom
  • Custom training solutions
  • Performance Change Pathway and Methodology

Cost: Free, Paid subscription starts at $1,995 USD per participant for in-person and $1,795 USD for live online sales training

3. RAIN Group

RAIN Group is a sales training company offering a suite of sales training programs that cover every part of the sales process. They deliver training programs through a blended learning program that incorporates tool customization, robust reinforcement, and coaching. Their training programs are designed to lead behavioral change in selling, not just build skills among your salespeople to drive performance improvement.

Best Sales Training Programs For Your Company - Rain Group


  • In-person and virtual learning system
  • Sales training programs for every stage of the sales process 
  • Sales training reinforcement
  • Sales assessments
  • Virtual instructor-led training
  • Execution assurance coaching
  • RAIN Group Total Access: Access to RAIN Group’s IP and education system
  • Trainer certification

Cost: $299 USD for online sales training

4. VirtualSpeech

VirtualSpeech is a virtual reality (VR) soft skills training platform geared towards improving communication skills by combining eLearning with soft skills using realistic simulations through VR and AI. Their realistic immersive training scenarios enable you to develop your team’s skills such as public speaking and sales pitching. 

Best Sales Training Programs For Your Company - Virtual Speech


  • VirtualSpeech app
  • Online courses with VR training
  • Real-time feedback
  • On-demand repetition
  • Active learning

Cost: $75 – $280 USD (VR goggles are course-dependent).

5. Richardson Sales Performance

Richardson Sales Performance is a global leader in sales training and performance improvement. This sales performance training company offers a blend of in-person, and instructor-led online synchronous and asynchronous training sessions. Each sales training program is customized based on the sales stage and complexity of the sale and introduces critical selling skills and behaviors to your team that will enable them to increase revenue for the business and reduce the duration of the sales cycle. 

Best Sales Training Programs For Your Company - Performance


  • Synchronous virtual, instructor-led sales training
  • eLearning modules
  • User engagement through gamification, video-based learning scenarios, leaderboards, activity badges, and online contests
  • Performance measurement through assessments, formative quizzes, and learner confidence scoring
  • CRM Tools
  • Sales process consultation

Cost: Varies, Price upon request

6. Rapid Learning Institute

Rapid Learning Institute is an online training company, offering sales and leadership training through a blended learning solution that combines micro-training videos and virtual coaching. Their training programs for sales leaders equip them with the right methodology and tools for coaching sessions. They also provide training programs for your salespeople that are designed to create a “mindset shift,” resulting in a sustained behavior change. For your convenience, learning modules can be licensed on your organization’s LMS if you’re using one!

Best Sales Training Programs For Your Company - Rapid Learning institute


  • Support materials, handouts, and assessments
  • Assigned training and usage tracking
  • Paid access to a collection of tactical sales videos on their sales training library
  • Free access to webinars, sample training videos, e-books, industry reports, blog posts, etc. 
  • Rapid Learning

Cost: Price upon request

7. Sales Hacker

Sales Hacker is a platform that provides B2B sales training through online courses and events. They host free, no-pitch webinars for sales representatives and their managers every week. They also offer free training courses, as well as individually paid courses from partner companies. Their full-funnel sales training and coaching service will help your salespeople upskill and improve their sales process to increase revenue.

Best Sales Training Programs For Your Company - Sales HackerFeatures:

  • Webinars
  • Course library that includes free courses and paid courses from partner industry leaders
  • Podcasts available on iTunes and Stitcher
  • Video training content

Cost: Free, Price varies on courses curated by partners

8. Miller Heiman Group

Miller Heiman Group is a professional training and coaching company that offers expansive training, consulting technology and research using a methodology that provides your team a blueprint for optimizing sales and service disciplines. Once the framework is established, learning and application is reinforced through skills training that will equip your salespeople for the competitive sales environment. 

Best Sales Training Programs For Your Company - Miller Heiman Group


  • Instructor-led training
  • Digital learning
  • Real-time application and digital reinforcement
  • In-person training

Cost: Price upon request

9. New Velocity

New Velocity is an online training platform that takes advantage of the benefits of microlearning through high-quality and engaging video courses. With their featured sustainability program, they provide online and onsite training programs that cover best practices and repeatable techniques to help you transform your business, guide your sales team in discovering new opportunities, and enable them to reach their sales targets. 

Best Sales Training Programs For Your Company - Velocity


  • Video-based microlearning
  • Virtual instructor-led training
  • Webinars
  • Instructor-led onsite classes and workshops
  • Reinforcement through interactive and game-oriented activities, such as group discussions, contests, and polls
  • Certifications

Cost: Price upon request

10. IMPAX Sales Performance

IMPAX Sales Performance is a training company specializing in sales performance improvement for B2B organizations. They provide a wide range of training through onsite workshops, public seminars, online courses, and consulting solutions to help your sales performance drive higher profit.

Best Sales Training Programs For Your Company - Sales Performance


  • Virtual public workshops
  • Salesforce assessments
  • Sales skills programs
  • Consulting and coaching services
  • Keynotes

Cost: $2,295 USD per person for a virtual public workshop

11. Skillshare

Another sales training program we have on this list is Skillshare, which takes pride in its expansive collection of educational videos, live and pre-recorded by experts and professionals from different industries, including sales. Through this online learning platform, your sales team can learn a range of different sales skills and techniques by attending video lectures that last anywhere from a few minutes to many hours. They are also 100% online, allowing the learning to take place anywhere and anytime with their preferred gadgets, from desktop computers to tablets, even mobile devices. And if you’re a premium member, there is an offline viewing option available.

Among the sales coaching lessons that they offer include The Basics of Sourcing and Sales for Entrepreneurs, Sales Essentials for Sales Professionals, Creating High Converting Sales Funnel through Facebook Ads, and so much more. Take note, however, that Skillshare only works on a subscription basis, meaning you’ll have to pay a monthly fee to gain access to their courses.

12. FutureLearn

FutureLearn has consistently received high levels of engagement from sales representatives looking for a coaching platform with high-quality online courses and programs that can advance their sales skills and help them win more deals. Their sales courses are proven to be effective and credible, as they are mostly put together by leading educational institutions and industry experts across the globe. Among their top sales courses include Customer Engagement for Sales, Master Digital Marketing, Understanding the Profit and Loss Statement, and more. 

FutureLearn supports asynchronous or self-paced learning, meaning learners can complete their sales courses as quickly or slowly as they like. Plus, they can also directly interact with other learners or join conversion by liking or replying to their comments, driving peer-to-peer learning and collaboration. 

13. MTD Sales Training

MTD Sales Training is also a great place to learn quality and impactful sales training techniques that will help drive better business results. Since 2001, this team has already assisted over 9,000 organizations from different sectors, which validates the competency and effectiveness of their sales training solutions. Their specialty includes online selling skills courses, virtual sales training webinars, and elearning solutions, which you and your people can take anywhere, be it in the office or at home. They also host online sales training programs that are usually modular in nature and last a few months.

They don’t have an authoring tool to help you create bespoke sales training and coaching, but they do have a team that can assist you in designing the perfect program based on your requirements.

14. MindTickle

MindTickle is primarily focused on providing sales training managers with a user-friendly space where they can seamlessly onboard and track their new hires, as well as train and manage their existing sales team. Here, you are equipped with the right coaching tools and rubrics that can help you connect and engage effectively with your workforces and close the gaps in their knowledge, skills, and field execution for higher quota attainment. You can improve their selling and communication skills through online coaching, virtual role-plays, simulated sales scenarios, or even AI-based feedback, making sure that they are fully skilled and knowledgeable for any sales situation.

If you don’t have enough resources on hand, you can also jump-start your sales coaching with their downloadable Quick Start Kits. They offer instructional guides on Field Communications, Remote Coaching, Sales Onboarding, and Virtual Sales Kickoff. 

15. Action Selling

Action Selling can help overcome a weak sales culture with its self-paced online sales training courses, which are mostly focused on improving the three most critical factors that make up a winning sales team: product knowledge, selling techniques, and competitive mindset. In this platform, learning takes place through a series of video examples, eLearning modules and books, interactive quizzes, and certification assessments. Most of these training materials are also designed with an exclusive open architecture, where you can add your unique selling situations, products, and custom settings. If needed, you may also approach them about co-branding their online courses to fit your company’s goals.

Other Helpful Tips

You may have already assessed the focus of your regular training and development for your team. But, the planning doesn’t stop there. You also need to determine the kind of training program that is relevant to their circumstances. Here are some other factors to consider when deciding on the sales training programs that best suit your organization:

  • LocationIs your sales company based in one office location only or is your team dispersed locally or globally? Traditional live training sessions may be your initial plan. But you have to consider that with the pandemic in play now, your team may be predominantly dispersed or working remotely. In this case, online training should be your top-of-mind priority.  
  • GoalsWhat are the challenges you want to address or key concepts you want to reinforce among your sales team? It’s important to choose a sales training program that will directly address the needs of your time to ensure its relevance.
  • ParticipantsAre you training and developing new hires, or are you strengthening the skills of experienced salespeople? Knowing your participants will help you refine the kind of sales training program you’ll deploy to your team even more whether it’s a general one that can be deployed to the whole team, or tailored specifically to new hires or experienced salespeople among your team. 
  • ScheduleCan your sales team fit a training schedule in their hectic day-to-day responsibilities? Or, Is it possible to set synchronous training sessions among your globally dispersed team considering different time zones? Carefully considering the schedules of your salespeople will determine the desirable length and mode of training program for your team. You don’t want your team compromising possible deals or opportunities to fit a training schedule, or, have them participating in the training program but their mind is elsewhere due to pending work tasks. 
  • BudgetHow much is your company willing to invest on your sales team’s training and development? You must ensure that the cost of your sales training program will deliver ROI from your team’s improved performance. If you have a small sales team, you should opt for cost-efficient – or even free – but effective training programs. This also applies to big sales companies who have budget constraints!