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1.37.0 Change Log

At Ed we are constantly seeking to improve our platform. Here you can read about the latest features and fixes for authors, admins and learners from version 1.37.0. Accessible on 22 November, 2017.

App and Web
  • Scratch to Reveal
    Improvements to the scratch to reveal template

  • Scrolling
    Improvements to scrolling in a lesson

  • Landscape
    Improvements to landscape display for various games

    Introducing SCORM support for external links. Learners can now select links within a SCORM lesson and access additional resources such as YouTube.

  • Stars
    Improvements to star display for learners

  • Thumbnails
    New thumbnails for the template picker in the authoring tool, with color coding for each category of template.

  • Video
    Improvements to the video player