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1.32.0 Change Log

At Ed we are constantly seeking to improve our platform. Here you can read about the latest features and fixes for authors, admins and learners from version 1.32.0. Accessible on 18 October, 2017.

App and Web
  • Image/Word Match
    Improvements to image/word match template.

  • Free Text
    Improvements to free text form.

  • Connect Template
    When drawing a line between two points, this fix ensures that the last position of the finger/mouse is the final point of the line

  • Star Image
    Improvement to color mismatch between our prizing star image and the blue background.

  • Ratio
    Ensures ratio uses consistent logic to size bars. The bars were previously resizing incorrectly after landing on the slide.

  • Word Construction
    Improvement to word construction template.

  • New! – URL Template
    Introducing URL template. This new template allows support for external URLs in the app without launching another window in your browser

  • New! – Video Collection
    Introducing Video Collection template. This template allows content authors to have multiple videos in one template.

  • Various Design Updates

    • More text on lesson cards
    • More text on course cards
    • Fixed icon positioning in drop downs
    • Correct upload prompt for AICC packages