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10 Supervisory Training Courses

We’ve compiled a list of supervisory training courses to ensure that your organization’s leaders are effective in overseeing their teams. They’re designed to equip supervisors with the essential skills and knowledge they need to help themselves and their employees excel in their respective fields.

10 Supervisory Training Courses
Last published: 28th February 2022
EdApp Supervisory Training Course-Beginning to Lead a High-Performing Team

1. Beginning to Lead a High-Performing Team

This course by EdApp aims to make leaders understand the foundations of a high-performing team and paves the path for achieving this goal. It raises awareness of the importance of setting SMART goals and its significance to their work. Another objective of this course is to differentiate management skills from leadership and make learners recognize the different skill sets required so they know which ones to apply. At the end of this course, there’s a short quiz to check on what has been learned.

With EdApp, it’s really easy to create engaging lessons as it offers over 80 free, ready-made learning templates including games, multiple-choice questions, number-based questions, surveys, and many more. These can be incorporated into your lessons as this course is completely editable to suit your organization’s needs.

Cost: Free

Scope: Qualities of a high-performing team, management vs. leadership, the leadership shadow

Created By EdApp

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EdApp Supervisory Training Course-Leadership and Coaching/Management Styles

2. Leadership and Coaching/Management Styles

This supervisory course offered by EdApp will help you determine what type of leader you are. It begins by discussing the six most common leadership styles and the characteristics that come with each. Then, it will teach you how to recognize each style and learn when to use them. While awareness of your style is important, it assures learners that there’s no need to worry if they haven’t figured it out yet as managing people doesn’t follow a cookie-cutter approach and is an ongoing process. Another objective of this leadership development course is to help coaches/managers become better leaders by honing certain skills, such as listening actively, creating emotional safety, and leading by example. This course also provides best practices for onboarding new hires as it serves as a springboard for their leadership journey.

EdApp recognizes that learning is highly effective when gamification examples are incorporated into training. Its gamified templates include fun and interactive activities like a letter jumble and memory game, which you can combine with leaderboards and prizing & real rewards. It’s perfect to deploy for your supervisors who aspire to stay on top of their game and develop new management methods to set their employees and subordinates up for success.

Cost: Free

Scope: Leadership styles, implementing different leadership styles, onboarding best practices, leadership characteristics

Created by EdApp

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Alison Supervisory Training Course-Introduction to Supervision

3. Introduction to Supervision

Taking Alison’s Introduction to Supervision course is a great stepping stone in becoming a reliable supervisor. The first part of this course gives an introduction to supervision where you’ll understand its definition and the different responsibilities that come with it. It also educates learners about the qualities of a good supervisor, their impact in the workplace, and the importance of forming a good working relationship with their employees. While this course may seem like it’s geared towards professionals who are only starting or looking to progress into their careers, it’s also ideal for tenured supervisors who want to polish their leadership strengths, become more effective in their jobs, and really motivate their teams. This course is composed of two modules and an assessment, which takes a total of three hours to complete.

Cost: Free

Scope: Defining supervision, principles of leadership, responsibilities of a supervisor, leadership strengths and weaknesses

Created by Alison

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Coursera Supervisory Training Course-Modern Supervisor Skills

4. Modern Supervisor Skills

If you want to become an effective leader or are currently working as one, this Modern Supervisor Skills course offered by Coursera will be of interest to you. It provides the must-have skills and knowledge that a supervisor needs to manage employees more effectively. It also covers diversity training to help manage your workforce regardless of their background. It begins with an overview of the nature of the job and the crucial part that supervisors play in creating a positive workplace. It will also teach you various methods for effective employee communication, which trickle down to the way they interact with customers and clients. While this course is meant for beginners, you should take note that Coursera recommends it for learners who have a high school diploma (or its equivalent) and at least three years of work experience.

Cost: Free

Scope: Basic principles of management, building a customer-centric culture, effective employee communication, managing a diverse workforce

Created by Coursera

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EdApp Supervisory Training Course-How to be a Passionate Leader

5. How to be a Passionate Leader

This supervisory training course’s mission is to help leaders become a positive influence to inspire employees to perform well in their jobs. To achieve this, it starts with a lesson on how to have a personal passion and empathy that attracts and inspires employees to your energy. It also emphasizes the importance of being outspoken with your beliefs and following them through with your behavior and actions. Another key point is building trust and harmonious relationships with your employees through consistency and integrity to gain their commitment.

This course offered by EdApp is a microlearning course, which means that you can see an increase in engagement, knowledge retention, and completion rates. This is because these types of courses have short, single-objective, and focused lessons to achieve your desired learning outcome.

Cost: Free

Scope: Personal passion, building trust & relationships, avoiding decision traps

Created by EdApp

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TrainUp.com Supervisory Training Course-Leadership Skills for Supervisors

6. Leadership Skills for Supervisors

This course offered by TrainUp aims to seek a balance between technical expertise and supervisory leadership. It covers how to empower yourself and your employees to build credibility and trust. To build interpersonal skills, it explores effective listening processes, participative leader skills & techniques, and the proper delivery of constructive feedback.

This course is delivered live virtually on set dates and takes 3 days to complete. It has one of the steepest prices among all the courses listed here so it’s best to assess your training budget before enrolling.

Cost: US $2445

Scope: Listening processes and skills, decision-making tools for effective leadership, participative leader skills and techniques

Created by TrainUp.com

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Skillpath Supervisory Training Course-Excelling as a Manager or Supervisor

7. Excelling as a Manager or Supervisor

This course by Skillpath will teach learners how to concentrate on the qualities and skills that drive excellence. To learn more about this, it discusses the six differences between a leader and a boss and identifies how one is more effective than the other. This course will also help supervisors master effective communication to help their teams to be more productive. It also acknowledges the importance of motivating and rewarding employees and explains the concept of tangible and intangible incentives. This training is offered in a live, instructor-led experience format which allows for real-time interaction with their expert trainers.

Cost: US $99

Scope: Performance management methods, team communication, being a leader vs. being a boss, teamwork, visionary leadership

Created by Skillpath

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American Management Association Supervisory Training Course-Improving Your Managerial Effectiveness

Supervisory Training Course # 8 - Improving Your Managerial Effectiveness

This course is suited for managers that have years of experience and are interested in elevating their effectiveness. It uses a blended learning approach, which includes instructor-led training and pre and post-assessments, helping you gain perspective about yourself and the way you manage people. Here, you can learn how to create a high-performing team by adopting certain coaching methodologies and encouraging learning and development. It also uncovers the different conflict resolution approaches and how to ensure their effectiveness based on the situation. To maximize learning from this course, it has a prerequisite of three to five years of management experience.

Cost: US $2545

Scope: Strategies and tools to create a high-performance team, coaching methodologies, conflict resolution

Created by American Management Association

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edX Supervisory Training Course-Becoming a Successful Leader

Supervisory Training Course # 9 - Becoming a Successful Leader

This course by edX uncovers how the inclusive leadership style of 21st-century leaders led them to success. It explores what inclusive leadership is through the EACH framework, which stands for Empowerment, Accountability, Courage, and Humility. Then, you’ll be given real-life scenarios and case studies to apply the new skills that you’ve learned. This course also stresses the importance of having your own Personal Leadership Plan to continuously develop your skills over time. This course is free and takes 4 weeks to complete. However, if you want a certificate of completion, you’ll need to pay US $49.

Cost: Free

Scope: EACH framework, inclusive leadership skills, creating a Personal Leadership Plan

Created by edX

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EdApp Supervisory Training Course-Performance Management

Supervisory Training Course # 10 - Performance Management

EdApp’s Performance Management course focuses on establishing role clarity, addressing feedback, and managing underperforming employees. This course begins by explaining role clarity, wherein the responsibilities and tasks that come with the job are identified to spot performance gaps. It also discusses how to give, receive, and process feedback effectively through radical candor. Lastly, this course will provide techniques in objectively communicating underperformance, which should be done right away when detected.

As we spend a bigger chunk of our time on our smartphones than our work computers, delivering training straight to learners’ smartphones is a sensible and practical approach. Since this course is hosted in EdApp, which is a mobile learning solution, learners have the flexibility to train from anywhere on any mobile device. EdApp is compatible with both Android and iOS devices while remaining perfectly formatted within any computer-based web browser.

Cost: Free

Scope: Understanding performance management, role clarity, feedback process, managing underperformance

Created by EdApp

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Lead your teams to success with supervisory training

It’s one thing to be a supervisor but what matters the most is if you’re effective at being one. Effective supervisors possess a clear vision, lead by example, adapt to their environment, and empower their team to succeed together. Whether you’ve been supervising a team for years or are just starting, it’s important to receive training to assess yourself and the way you handle your team. Through supervisory training, you’ll be able to communicate more effectively, develop your own team’s ability to work together, and resolve any conflict. It will also keep you updated with modern management approaches and leadership styles that you can incorporate into your management plan.

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