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10 Responsible Service of Alcohol Training Courses

We’ve compiled a list of ten responsible services of alcohol training courses that anyone in the bartending, liquor-selling, and food-service industries can take. These courses will ensure that your team understands their role and legal responsibilities when serving and selling different types of alcoholic beverages.

Responsible Service of Alcohol Training Courses
Last published: 13th July 2023
EdApp Responsible Service of Alcohol Training Course - Serving Alcohol Safely

1. Serving Alcohol Safely

Learn more about the liquor laws and regulations in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia with EdApp’s informative course, Serving Alcohol Safely. 

This responsible services of alcohol training course outlines the most responsible ways to serve liquors and proper cleaning and sanitation practices, securing safe alcohol consumption. It also contains a helpful guide on dealing with intoxicated patrons and other demanding customers while staying professional and respectful. It also discusses the legal drinking age in these countries. 

The course comes in the form of micro elearning so that the lessons are quick and easy to complete, which is perfect for the busy schedules of most employees. This elearning platform has incorporated games and quizzes to make learning more fun and engaging. You can even deploy prizes like coffee coupons or free dinner vouchers for your top performers.

  • Scope: Serving alcohol responsibly, dealing with difficult customers, cleaning and sanitation, US, UK, and AU Legal Limits
  • Cost: Free

Created By EdApp

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EdApp Responsible Service of Alcohol Training Course - Alcohol and Responsible Drinking

2. Alcohol and Responsible Drinking

One way to ensure responsible alcohol service is to increase your knowledge and understanding of liquors - master the different types of alcoholic beverages, the strength of each, and different health risks of alcohol, like cirrhosis.

EdApp’s Alcohol and Responsible Drinking course will provide you with all this information, ensuring that you gain a better judgment the next time you sell and serve alcohol. The content of this responsible alcohol awareness training certification was prepared by industry experts Pernod Ricard, with the primary objective of promoting responsible drinking and driving.

It has a total of eight lessons structured in small but highly focused chunks, which anyone can take in just a few minutes. There are game-based training examples, making sure that your team's engaging well with the content.

  • Scope: Definition of alcohol beverage, types of liquors, how alcohol drinks are processed in the body, immediate and long-term effects of alcohol drinking, truths and myths about drinking 
  • Cost: Free

Created by EdApp

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ServSafe Responsible Service of Alcohol Training Course - ServSafe Alcohol Cruise Line Online Course

3. ServSafe Alcohol Cruise Line Online Course

Drinking while cruising involves a range of safety and health risks, which can be minimized significantly if the crews onboard have the necessary skills and training to serve alcoholic beverages in moderation.

Designed specifically for this purpose, ServSafe Alcohol Cruise Line Online Course touches on the fundamentals of responsible liquor service in a shipboard restaurant. This bartending training is reinforced with interactive exercises, audio and video, plus role-play activities to prepare learners for realistic scenarios.

  • Scope: Fundamentals of responsible alcohol service in a cruise line
  • Cost: $30 USD

Created by ServSafe

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TIPS Responsible Service of Alcohol Training Course - Responsible Alcohol Program - On-Premise Course

4. TIPS Responsible Alcohol Program - On-Premise Course

Prevent intoxication, binge drinking, underage drinking on-premise, and more drinking problems with this responsible alcohol service training course from TIPS.

It targets the bartenders, barbacks, managers, and other crew members serving alcoholic beverages in licensed restaurants, hotels, bars, and clubs. Here, expect to learn more about the legal responsibilities of alcohol servers, how too much alcohol affects people, signs of intoxication, and easy-to-follow guidelines to ensure responsible liquor service. 

  • Scope: Legal information about alcohol sales and service, how alcohol affects people, signs of intoxication, an easy-to-follow model for providing responsible alcohol service
  • Cost: $40 USD

Created by TIPS

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Olive Responsible Service of Alcohol Training Course - Responsible Service of Alcohol for Hotels

5. Responsible Service of Alcohol for Hotels

Hotel establishments that are either selling or serving any alcoholic beverages are mandated by law to protect drinking and non-drinking guests from any alcohol-related risks and secure a safe and ideal environment for everyone. To prevent any legal disputes in the future, owners, managers, and staff members must be fully aware of the laws for serving liquors.

Olive's Responsible Service of Alcohol for Hotels will help you and your staff gain a better understanding of the fundamentals of bar service, as well as some of the basic rules and obligations of alcohol service in hotels.

  • Scope: Essentials of bar service, basic laws and responsibilities of serving alcohol, creating an ideal environment for your establishment
  • Cost: Approximated $49 USD

Created by Olive

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EdApp Responsible Service of Alcohol Training Course - The Bar World of Tomorrow

6. The Bar World of Tomorrow

The Bar World of Tomorrow by EdApp covers sustainable and responsible vital points that the bartending community can use to shape their growth strategy plan.

It discusses essential details about alcohol, such as its adverse effects on the body and how excessive drinking interferes with someone’s behavior. This course also contains clear guidelines on responsible alcohol service to create a safe and enjoyable condition for your drinkers and diners.

Overall, it has 12 learning bites that are accessible through computer desktops and smartphones. Feel free to deploy all the lessons at once or only one module a day. Learners can also reread the course at any time to refresh their learning

  • Scope: Responsible service of alcohol, the importance of brand knowledge and product curation, sourcing fresh ingredients, dealing with waste, how to reopen the right way after the pandemic, workplace policy
  • Cost: Free

Created by EdApp

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HITSA Responsible Service of Alcohol Training Course - Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA)

7. Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA)

This course by HITSA is perfect for those serving or supplying alcoholic drinks on a licensed premise. It covers a wide array of informative topics such as responsible service of alcohol, your role and responsibilities in this industry, and relevant laws and legislations surrounding alcohol service and consumption.

This training consists of a self-paced theory, practical study, and a written assessment that anyone can take in an online training format. Upon successful completion, a statement of attainment will be provided by HITSA.

  • Scope: Serving alcohol, responsibilities, laws and legislation on alcohol service, ways to responsibly assist intoxicated customers 
  • Cost: $100.00 USD (classroom course), $80.00 USD (online learning)

Created by HITSA

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Responsible Service BC Responsible Service of Alcohol Training Course - Serving It Right Course

8. Serving It Right Course

As the name suggests, the content of this course will educate you about your legal responsibilities for giving the right alcohol service, keeping your customers safe from any alcohol-related harms such as violence and impaired driving.

At the end of this course, you are expected to learn more about alcoholic beverages, how they affect a person’s body and behavior, and how to deal with minors. There are some helpful tips on rejecting alcohol service when a customer appears drunk and intoxicated. 

  • Scope: Responsible liquor sales and service, signs of intoxication, legal liability, preventing alcohol-related incidents, the duty of care on and off-premises, the importance of creating responsible beverage service policies
  • Cost: $35 USD (Another $35 USD if you fail the exam after the third attempt)

Created by Responsible Service BC

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StateFoodSafety Responsible Service of Alcohol Training Course - Alcohol Certification for Server and Sellers

9. Alcohol Certification for Server and Sellers

The primary objective of this alcohol server safety training by StateFoodSafety is to equip beginner alcohol servers with all the skills information they need before entering a bar or restaurant community. It presents the adverse effects of alcohol dependence on the body, plus related service laws that one must follow to drink responsibly.

This course also covers the best practices for serving alcoholic beverages, dealing with problematic situations, also slowing down or refusing service when necessary. It included interactive activities, audio, and videos to make the course more fun for the learners, which anyone can take from desktops or mobile gadgets.

  • Scope: Alcohol’s effects on the body, alcohol service laws, ways to identify problem situations, how to slow down and refuse service, key serving techniques
  • Cost: Prices vary per state

Created by StateFoodSafety

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EdApp Responsible Service of Alcohol Training Course - Spirits, Beer, and Wine

10. Spirits, Beer, and Wine

It is imperative for anyone who works in the bar industry to master the different types of alcoholic beverages. After all, they are legally obligated to serve alcoholic drinks as responsibly as possible.

This free online training courses by EdApp explores the most common types of liquors - spirits, beers, and wines. It goes over how these fascinating drinks are made, the flavors and variations available, and easy ways to measure alcohol content and strength. There are also some tips for dealing with potentially problematic situations and suggestions for when a staff member should refuse to serve alcohol.

With EdApp’s authoring tool, these lessons come fully editable - add your content, upload new images or clips, even include your logo and branding, all up to you.

  • Scope: Basic knowledge about beers, wines and champagnes, and spirits and liquors, responsible service of each drink, dealing with potential problematic situations
  • Cost: Free

Created by EdApp

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Learning the ropes of responsible alcohol service

Businesses and establishments involved in the service, sale, or supply of liquors are obligated to follow the guidelines of responsible alcohol service to maintain a safe and controlled environment at all times. These policies protect drinkers and diners, as well as your serving staff, from any potential harm that may arise from any excessive drinking activities. Adhering to your state's regulations on responsible service of alcoholic drinks will earn your businesses a good reputation and increased community patronage, giving you a competitive advantage in this field.

Make sure that your workforce has the right skills and knowledge when handling liquors with the help of the online courses listed above.

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